Openwork crochet tunic
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Openwork crochet tunic

knitted tunic

A transparent tunic looks great both as a beach outfit and paired with a tight dress.

38—42 (44—48) 50—54


Yarn (100% flax; 110 m/50 g) - 600 (650) 700 g tobacco; hook No. 5.
The number of stitches in the initial row is a multiple of 10 + 6. Knit according to the pattern. Start with loops before the rapport, repeat the rapport constantly, finish with loops after the repeat. 1-6th r. perform 1 time, then 3-6 times. repeat constantly.

crochet pattern

Art. b/n. Start each row with 1 additional ch. rise and finish 1 tbsp. b/n in the 1st article. b/n of the previous row. Starting from the 2nd row, insert the hook only behind the back wall of the loops of the previous row.
20 loops of the initial row x 6 r. = 10 x 10 cm, knitted with a lace pattern;
19 p. x 4 r. = 10 x 2.5 cm, knitted with a binding pattern.
The tunic is knitted in different directions. Arrows on the pattern = knitting direction!

First, for the upper part of the back, make a chain of 126 (136) 146 vp. and 1 additional ch. rise and knit in a lace pattern.
For armholes after 30 cm = 18 r. (28.5 cm = 17 r.) 27 cm = 16 r. leave 8 cm from the set on both sides (= 1.5 repeats) unknitted.
After 50 cm = 30 r. from the set, finish the work, while the middle 21 cm form the neck, the outer 13 (15.5) 18 cm belong to the shoulders.
Now for the lower part of the back, knit 120 (129) 138 stitches from the cast-on edge. b/n and knit for binding 2.5 cm = 4 r. pattern for the binding, while in the last row, evenly distributing, add 6 (7) 8 stitches.
Then continue working with the lace pattern. After 22 cm = 13 r. from the binding finish the work on the 5th p.
Knit like a back, but with a neckline. To do this, after 43.5 cm = 26 rubles. Leave the middle 9 cm of the cast-on row unknitted and finish both sides separately.
To round the inner edge in each row, leave unknitted 3 more times, 2 cm each. Finish the work at the height of the back.
First, for the upper sleeve, make a chain of 56 (56) 66 vp. and 1 additional ch. rise and knit in a lace pattern.
At the same time, for the bevels of the sleeves from the set on both sides on the next 16 rows, evenly distributing, add 6 (7.5) 6.5 cm.
After 35 cm = 21 r. from typing the work to finish.
For the bottom binding, knit 53 (53) 63 stitches along the cast-on edge. b/n and knit 2.5 cm = 4 r. pattern for binding. In the last row, evenly distributing, add 3 stitches. After this, perform 1 more row with a lace pattern = 2 cm and finish the work.

Sew shoulder seams.
Tie the neckline in 1 circle. Art. b/n and “crawfish step” (= st. b/n from left to right).
Sew in sleeves, sew sleeve seams and shoulder seams

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