Openwork crochet dress “Snow-white charm”
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Openwork crochet dress “Snow-white charm”

crochet dress

Openwork crochet dress “Snow-White Charm” – 2 options for knitting patterns.

The “Snow-White Charm” dress will captivate you and those around you with its openwork, tenderness and femininity.

crochet dress

It can be worn for absolutely any occasion, be it an event in an expensive restaurant or a trip to an art gallery. Sandals with a clutch and a headdress are suitable as accessories in the summer. In autumn-winter - feminine stocking boots with a short jacket or even rough boots with the same jacket. This dress can also be worn as a tunic - wearing leggings with a long T-shirt, and, of course, everyone's favorite sneakers as shoes.

crochet dress

Size: 36.


300 g yarn (100% cotton, 100 g / 530m),
hook No. 1.75.

Large item: diagram 1-1. Knitted from the center in the round. Size of a complete element: diameter 10 cm. You will need 74 complete and 4 incomplete elements. How to knit an incomplete element will be indicated by the dividing line according to the diagram.

Small element: scheme 1-2. Knitted from the center in the round. Full element size: diameter 4 cm. You will need 64 full and 25 incomplete elements. How to knit an incomplete element will be indicated by the dividing line on the diagram.

Oblique mesh pattern: pattern 1-6, 2nd and 3rd rows are repeated.

On the pattern it is marked with the number 6.

Border pattern: scheme 1-4. On the pattern it is indicated by the number 4.

crochet pattern
crochet pattern
crochet dress


Dimensions, direction of work, location of patterns and elements are given on the pattern (Fig. 1-1). The work is carried out in stages.

First stage (main details). You begin work by knitting the required number of complete and incomplete small elements according to scheme 1-2.

Set them aside. Now start knitting complete and incomplete large elements according to pattern 1-1.

While knitting the last row of each element, connect them into the main parts according to the pattern (Fig. 1-1).

The connection points are indicated by arrows in the diagrams. Diagram 1-3 will tell you how to connect the elements correctly.

Don't forget to connect the motifs at the shoulder and side seams. Leave the seams unstitched on the sleeves.

From one side of the sleeve to the other, knit a fragment with a “oblique mesh” pattern according to pattern 1-6. Knit along the entire length of the sleeve. The size of the required fragment is 25 * 10 cm. When knitting the last row, attach this side of the fragment to the other side of the sleeve. The sleeve is ready and sewn. Sew the upper open part of the sleeve to the main parts of the dress along the bottom of the armhole. Knit the second sleeve in the same way.

Tie the neckline along the contour with a pattern according to pattern 1-5. Tie the lower edges of the sleeves and hem with a border according to pattern 1-4 (for the hem there are 9 repeats around the circumference, for the sleeve - 3).

crochet dress

Selection of schemes

For experienced needlewomen, we offer a second embodiment of the same dress. Schemes of patterns and a pattern for connecting motifs are given. We also remind you about continuous knitting, perhaps this method will be useful to you.


Large element

crochet dress
crochet dress
crochet pattern
crochet pattern

Small motive.

1 row ring of 5 ch.
2 row 1 lifting loop, 12 tbsp, connecting loop
3rd row. 2 v.p. rise 1 under-knit st with 1 n with the same base, knit them together, 2 ch, 2 sts with 1 n with a common top and base in the next. Art. previous stitch, *5 vp, 2 sts with 1 n with a common top and base after 1 st. previous stitch, 2 ch, 2 sts with 1 n with a common top and base in the next. Art. previous row** repeat 2 more times, ch 5, connect loop.

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