Openwork crochet dress
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Openwork crochet dress

knitted dress

This cute openwork dress resembles the tail of a royal peacock - just as bright and bewitching.

Model Marina Smirnova

Size: SM


You will need: Flowers yarn (55% cotton, 45% polyacrylic, 1000m/250g) – 250g sectionally dyed; hook No. 2.25.

The dress is knitted from top to bottom.

knitted dress

Dial 152VP., close it in a ring.

Tie 3VP of lifting, then 152СН.

Next, knit the yoke of the dress in a circle according to the pattern. Performing increments according to the diagram.

crochet pattern

Knit 15 rows, then distribute the pattern as follows: 7 repeats for the back, 9 repeats for the front and 5 repeats for the sleeves. Decorate the bottom of the sleeves with a border of air loops.

In the armpit area, connect the back and front on each side with a chain of 24 chain stitches.

 Next, knit another 19 rows of shells in the round.

Tie the bottom of the dress with a VP border.

knitted dress

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  1. Galina Mikhailovna Rudenko

    Thank you for the opportunity to knit such a simple and very beautiful dress! This is exactly what I was looking for! Now I started knitting with great pleasure! All the best!

  2. Margarita

    Good afternoon Please tell me how I can make it less transparent and the pattern less holey? Should I use hook 2 or reduce the number of chain stitches in the pattern?

    1. Lily

      Knit samples or choose a different pattern.

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