Openwork crochet dress
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Openwork crochet dress

crochet dress

To crochet an openwork dress you will need: 500 g of yarn (100 % viscose, 500 m/100 g) color; satin for lining; adhesive pad; hook No. 1.3; needle.

Before starting work, make a pattern for the details of the dress in full size, adjusting them according to your measurements.

crochet dress

Using the knitting pattern, make a square sample and check it for compliance with the dimensions indicated in the figure.

Knit motifs, connecting them into stripes while knitting the last row: for the skirt - 7 stripes of 6 motifs each, for the front and back of the dress - 4 stripes of 5 motifs.

crochet motif

Sew the pieces together using a needle, shaping the product according to the pattern.

crochet dress

To expand the skirt of an openwork knitted dress, use wedges, knitted separately according to the given sample and sewn in with a needle.

Tie the neckline and armholes with a pattern according to the pattern.

crochet pattern

Cut out the fabric pieces.

Duplicate the belt with an adhesive pad, make folds and sew.

Make air loops from satin along the short edges of the belt.

Connect the details of the belt with the skirt. Then sew the knitted pieces to the waistband.

Thread a satin cord through the openwork holes in the back and air loops of the belt of an openwork knitted dress.

crochet dress

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