Openwork burgundy pullover
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Openwork burgundy pullover

knitted pullover

Openwork burgundy pullover

Dimensions: 42-46


Materials: yarn Filatura di Crosa Brilla” (58% viscose, 42% cotton, 110 m/50 g) – 700 g burgundy color 450; hooks Prym 4 and 4.5.

General instructions: knit according to crochet patterns. The numbers around the edges indicate persons. and out. R. A square bracket indicates a repeat or rows that are then repeated, with the number of repetitions indicated.

Diamond and Triangle: knit according to pattern A, it shows the motifs and their location on the front, the openwork stripe on the right side and the binding.

For a rhombus, knit, starting from the middle, for this, perform 5 vp. and 1 connection Art. in the 1st ch.

Knit in the round 5 r. Art. s n. 1st lap. R. knit into a ring from v.p. Art. s n. knit in the corners under v.p. prev circle. R. Every circle. R. complete 1 connection Art.

Start the triangle also with a ring of vp. and knit 5 r.

crochet pattern

Rhombus: 12.5 x 12.5 cm, diagonal = 17.5 cm. Triangle: 17.5 x 12.5 x 12.5 cm, motifs are made with 4.5 crochet.

Openwork stripe: 3 r. = a, b and c in height 2.5 cm. Crochet 4.

Openwork arcs: in diagram B1, the arrows indicate 1 rapport per 4 p. Starting from the 2nd p. knit st.b.n. under arches from v.p. prev R. Repeat rows 2 and 3 constantly.

crochet pattern

Diagram B2 shows the front and back side pieces with shortened rows for the side bevel, armhole, and the zigzag connecting seam of both pieces.

Relief pattern, openwork strip: Diagram C shows the back yoke, Diagram D shows the placket on the left side of the front.

crochet pattern

After the first 3 r. The openwork strip is knitted with a relief pattern; for this, 1 row is performed alternately. semi-st. and 1 rub. senior biological sciences The double arrow points to the middle of the part.

crochet pattern

Alternating patterns for sleeves: * Diagram E shows the alternation of patterns, as well as side increases for sleeve bevels.

crochet pattern

Diagram F shows the sleeve cap made with a relief pattern.

crochet pattern

Knitting density: crochet 4. Openwork arches: on the front and back 4 rapports/16 p. and 12 r. = 10 x 10 cm, on the sleeves there are 4 rapports/16 p. and 10 r. = 10 x 10 cm; 15 p. and 12 r. relief pattern = 10 x 10 cm.

Middle front: perform 2 diamonds and 7 triangles according to pattern A using a 4.5 crochet hook.

Arrange the motifs as shown on the pattern, then tie them together.

To do this, make 2 seam lines” connecting. Art., the lines run in a zigzag, make the 1st seam according to the numbering on the pattern.

Connecting motifs: perform on the wrong side. side.

Grab the outer thread located at the top at the opposite edges, then make 1 joint.

Knit from/to the corners and skip the outer corners of the diamonds using 2 connecting stitches, then continue the stitch on the other side of the diamond. On faces 2 walls of the p. are visible on the side.

Middle back: make 2 diamonds and 8 triangles according to pattern A. Connect the motifs according to the pattern. Assembled part = 18 x 52.5 cm.

Left side front: knit along the left edge of the motifs knitted together, see 1) in the diagram, the arrow indicates the direction of knitting.

Crochet 4. Knit 3 p. openwork strip according to pattern A. B r. and tie the edges of the triangle according to 27 st.b.n. - at the beginning of the river 1 connection art. and 1 v.p. knit instead of 1 st.b.n., knit 1 st.b.n. in the corners of the rhombus = 83 p. In r. with perform st.b.n. under v.p. R. b, only 84 p.

Then perform openwork arcs according to pattern B2, starting from arrow a. Perform a total of 21 rapports, see also diagram B1.

For the side bevel, rows 3-6 from the left edge are knit shortened - 3rd and 4th rows. perform 13 rapports, in the 5th and 6th rows. knit over 7 repeats.

Starting from the 7th p.m. knit again across the entire width.

After 9 cm = 11 r. openwork arcs, r. count to the right, cut the thread.

For the armhole, leave 6 repeats = 15 cm, unknitted.

Tie a thread at arrow b and knit over 15 repeats = 37.5 cm wide 4 more r. openwork arcs. Do not cut the thread, because it is used to make the connecting seam later.

Right side front: knit along the right edge of the motifs connected together, see 2) in the diagram.

Perform symmetrically to the left side of the front.

After 3 p.m. openwork strip, knit openwork arcs according to pattern B2, starting at the arrow with and for the 1st row. tie a new thread at the bottom edge.

For the armhole, tie a new thread at arrow d.

Side back parts: knit on both sides of the motifs tied together, as on the front.

knitted pullover

Back yoke: knit according to pattern With crochet 4. Start with 3 r. openwork stripes.

For 1st r. tie the thread at arrow a and tie the edge to motive 17 st.b.n. - at the beginning of the river 1 connection art. and 1 v.p. knit instead of 1 st.b.n., then tie the edge of the motif with 25 st.b.n., the rest of the edge again with 17 st.b.n. = 59 p.

At 3 p.m. perform st.b.n. under v.p. prev r., in work 60 p.

Next, knit with a relief pattern.

After 9 p.m. = 8 cm from the beginning of the yoke, bevel the shoulder and neckline from the left edge by 16 stitches.

Finish the second side symmetrically - tie the thread to the 16th stitch from the right edge, see arrow b in diagram C.

At the end there will be 15 shoulder stitches left.

Left side of front yoke: see 3) on the pattern.

Crochet according to pattern D 4.

For 1st r. tie the thread at arrow a and tie the edge 17 st.b.n.

At the edge of the neckline, make decreases as shown in the diagram.

After the 6th p.m. 15 shoulder stitches will remain.

After 10 p.m. the yoke is completed.

Right side of front yoke: see pattern. Knit symmetrically to the left side of the front yoke, starting at the outer edge.

Sleeves: crochet 4. Work 39 ch. + 1 v.p. and knit alternating patterns according to pattern E across the entire width.

At the beginning of the river and complete the 1st st.b.n. in the 2nd ch. from the hook = 39 st.b.n. In the r. with add 1 p. on both sides = 41 p., in p. d perform st.b.n. under v.p. prev r., in the work 42 items 4 r. = 3.5 cm strips.

Continue to perform openwork arcs, in the 1st row. pay attention to the distribution of the pattern = chrome, 10 repeats of 4 stitches, chrome.

For bevels in rows 9-11 from the plank, increase as shown in the diagram = 46 sts, then increase in rows 19-21 and 29-31, as shown in diagram E = 54 sts.

After 36 cm = 36 r. From the placket, knit rows e, f and g of an openwork strip, finishing the sleeve with a relief pattern.

After 5th p.m. = 4.5 cm with a relief pattern, at a total height of 46.5 cm, make decreases for the sleeve cap according to pattern F.

Complete the okat on the 27th. = 23 cm with raised pattern at a total height of 65 cm.

Primary assembly: For general instructions see A3. Sew shoulder seams.

Crochet side seams: perform according to pattern B2, starting at arrow e. Crochet 4.

Place the side edges of the back and front opposite each other, as shown in the diagram.

First perform 1 ch. and 1 st.b.n., then 2 v.p., 1 st.b.n. in senior biological sciences opposite edges.

Knit alternately 2 ch. and 1 st.b.n., while performing st.b.n. in the direction towards and away from the arch of the vp, forming a zigzag seam line.

Beika: crochet 4 openwork stripes in the round 3 p.

1st round: tie the edges of the neckline with st.b.n. Work along the edge of the back neckline from the shoulder seam 3 ch. under v.p. edges, then 1 st.b.n. in each st., while evenly knitting 3 x 2 tbsp. with a common top to gather the edge of the neckline, at the end perform 3 sc. under v.p. the edges.

Tie the edges of the front yoke with 14 st.b.n., the edges of the motifs with 41 st.b.n., as shown in diagram A = 100 st.b.n.

2nd circle, r.: 3 ch. = beginning of the round, knit alternately 1 ch. and 1 dc, make the toe of the neckline according to pattern A, at the end there is a circle. R. after 1 v.p. perform 1 connection st. in the 3rd ch. started.

3rd circle, r.: perform 2 st.b.n. under v.p. prev R. 3 circle. R. binding = 2.5 cm.

Bottom edge strip: knit like binding.

When making openwork arcs on the sides, you can increase/decrease the width by the number of strips. Tie the edges of the motifs according to pattern C.

Final assembly: Sew the seams of the sleeves, sew in the sleeves, gathering them at the shoulders.

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