Openwork cardigan with square motifs
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Openwork cardigan with square motifs

knitted cardigan

An openwork cardigan consists of square motifs connected during the knitting process, the bottom of the cardigan is additionally decorated with tassels at the corners, and you can put a voluminous hood over your head.

You will need: cotton yarn or viscose 750 g; hook 1.5; 3 decorative fasteners; 26 beads and tassels.

The author of the model is Larisa Petrova

Description of crochet cardigan:


The model consists of “Square” motifs measuring 8 x 8 cm.

Each square is knitted separately according to pattern No. 1 and joined in the last row.

crochet pattern

You can calculate the number of squares based on individual sizes, we give the quantities for our product: sleeve width - 5 squares, width of one shelf - 4 squares, back width - 7 squares, hood width - 3 squares.

On the front and sleeves along the bottom, triangles are knitted separately according to pattern No. 2.

Beads and tassels are sewn onto the corners.

The shelves and the edge of the hood are tied with “Rings” according to scheme No. 3.

Sew decorative fasteners onto the finished product.

crochet pattern
knitted cardigan

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