Openwork cardigan with hood.
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Openwork cardigan with hood.

knitted cardigan

Openwork cardigan with hood.



You will need: 500g white yarn (400m/100g), hook N 3.7 buttons.

The model consists of floral motifs connected to each other in the last row. Each motif is knitted separately (pattern No. 1).

crochet pattern

Knit one motif for a sample, steam, dry.

Calculate the number of motifs according to your sizes.

If the width of the product does not match the required dimensions, try changing the hook or yarn.

 Knit the details of the cardigan, connecting the motifs on six sides, arranging them in a checkerboard pattern.

 Place the motif halves along the edge of the product so that it is straight.

Tie the hood, connect all the parts together.

Tie the edge of the product and the sleeves with an openwork border according to pattern No. 2.

crochet pattern

Sew on the buttons.

knitted cardigan

Description of the lemon boho windbreaker

Author Alena Zinovieva

Size 42-48

Materials and tools:

450 g of yarn Troitskaya Astra 100% cotton 610 m/100 g, hook 2.0 (I knit tightly, if you knit loosely, you will need a smaller hook) 5-7 buttons.

The size of the motif from face to face is 10 cm, from corner to corner 11 cm.


Execution order:

Start assembling the windbreaker by forming a fold on the back.

Tie the motif according to the pattern below. When you knit a single crochet marked with an arrow, fold the motif in an opposite fold and finish the row according to the pattern.

Along the upper edge of the motif there are 8 arches of three air loops.

The 3-4th and 5-6th - central ones - will need to be hooked when knitting the top motif.

1-2th arch when knitting the left motif and 7-8th when knitting the right one.

crochet pattern

Then knit the motif according to the main pattern of the pattern, located exactly above the fold motif.

crochet pattern

When knitting the last row of the motif, attach the 3rd-4th arches with middle loops, the picot to the central column of the first motif and the 5th-6th arches with middle loops.

It should turn out as shown in the picture.

Back view

Knit the left and right motifs from the fold motif according to the basic pattern.

When attaching the left motif, do not forget to connect the 1st-2nd arches from the edge of the central one, when attaching the right motif to the central one, 7-8th arches from the edge of the central one.

Attach one more motif to the left and right of the fold motif and the top row to the left and right motif.

Continue knitting the back, knitting motifs for the left and right shoulders, knitting the same motifs for the front, connecting the shoulders to each other with arches of air loops.

crochet pattern

Using the same pattern, knit the motifs for the armhole and sleeves, also connecting them to each other like shoulders with arches of air loops.

Knit two motifs along the back for the armhole:

crochet pattern

And two motifs on the left and right shelves for the armhole according to the scheme:

crochet pattern

Assemble the hood using the main pattern and two central motifs at the base of the neck 2 pcs. and for the back of the head 2 pcs. according to the scheme:

crochet pattern

For the top of the hood, knit one motif according to the pattern:

crochet pattern

To align the hood, use the following motifs:

crochet pattern

Continue assembling the back, front and shelves, using all the previously indicated motifs, focusing on the layout.

To level the bottom of the jacket and round the fronts, use the following motifs:

crochet pattern

Assemble the sleeve using the main motif and the lining motif. Tie the edges of the sleeves, fronts, bottom and hood.

Sew on the buttons. The windbreaker is ready!

knitted cardigan
knitted cardigan

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