Snow-white openwork top
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Snow-white openwork top

knitted top

Snow-white openwork top

We bring to your attention a wonderful snow-white openwork crochet top. This model is incredibly popular. Knitting this top is not difficult. Follow the advice in the description and you will succeed!

For a summer top 44 sizes


 You will need: 200 grams of thin white cotton yarn “Iris” and a hook No. 1.5.

The model is assembled from individual square motifs, which are knitted according to pattern 26 and connected during the knitting process.

crochet pattern

 Knit the halves of the squares according to pattern 26a.

crochet pattern

To begin, knit a sample of the motif and calculate the required number using your pattern.

Since the top consists of two parts - a yoke and a lower part, they should be knitted separately and then joined with double stitching according to pattern 26b.

crochet pattern

 At the bottom, place the motifs diagonally to create corners along the bottom.

Tie the bottom of the finished top, neckline and armholes with a border according to the 26c pattern.

crochet pattern

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