Crochet dress – Yellow chrysanthemums
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Crochet dress – Yellow chrysanthemums

Crocheted dress – Yellow chrysanthemums – made from Turkish yarn. The floral motifs and alternating stripes on the skirt created a beautiful dress.

knitted dress

Dress – Yellow chrysanthemums – knitted from Turkish Sarmasik yarn

  • 40% cotton
  • 20% acrylic
  • 20% viscose
  • 200m/50gr.

Clover hook 2.0mm

Dress weight – 660 g.

crochet motif

We start knitting a dress with very light floral motifs according to pattern 1.

crochet pattern
crochet motifs

We connect the motifs together into circular ribbons.

crochet motifs

The number of knitted motifs and, accordingly, the length of the ribbons is determined by the pattern /34-36/40-42/.

knitting pattern

We connect the ribbons together with strips of cross-shaped posts according to scheme 2.

cross-shaped posts
knitted dress

We impose motifs and form ribbons along the width of the back and shoulder. We connect the front and the back according to scheme 2. We tie the armholes and neckline with a series of single crochets and a crab step.

knitted dress

We knit the skirt of the dress from the waist down according to the pattern:

crochet pattern

Installation row when knitting a skirt - we knit columns of different heights. We adapt to the zigzag line and select the required number of loops for repeats and the width of the dress skirt.

crochet dress

Changing color every 4 rows - repeat.

crochet dress

The skirt is knitted in the round, but in rotating rows. The pattern of the fabric looks more prominent. Rows with yarn overs are knitted on the front side.

crochet dress

The length of the knitted dress – Yellow chrysanthemums – changed during knitting. The dress looked great in any length. But once you try to knit this pattern, you won’t stop. The longer the skirt, the brighter the dress. I already want to knit it in a different color scheme.

knitted dress

Thank you for reading. Patterns of crochet motifs and patterns can be viewed in the Piggy Bank. My other works are waiting for your attention here...

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  1. Taisia GRECOVA

    In love with your work! Very beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

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