Jumper with openwork pattern
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Jumper with openwork pattern

knitted jumper

Jumper with openwork pattern

Description given on dimensions: 42-46.


You will need: yarn (75% wool, 25% polyamide, 125 m / 50 g) – 450 g, hooks No. 4.5 and No. 5.5.

Patterns used

Relief pattern: knit according to pattern No. 1

crochet pattern

Basic pattern: knit according to pattern No. 2.

crochet pattern

Description of knitting


Using knitting needles No. 5.5, we cast on the initial chain of 85 air loops and knit with the main pattern to a height of 55 cm.

To create the neckline, leave the middle 29 stitches undone.

To make the neck have a round shape, close 1 more loop on both sides.

Next, knit straight and finish the work at a height of 58 cm.

knitted jumper


Knit similarly to the back. At a height of 46 cm, for the neckline, leave the middle 19 loops undone. Then round it off, casting off 3 loops on each side 1 time, 2 loops 1 time and 1 loop 1 time. Finish the work at back height.

knitted pullover


We crochet the sleeves in a smaller size. Using crochet number 4.5 we make a chain of 85 air loops. We make 3 lifting air loops and continue working with the relief pattern according to scheme No. 1.

To widen the sleeves, add 1 stitch on both sides 8 times. Then increase the distance and add 3 times 1 loop in every 4th row.

Finish the work at a height of 37 cm.

Assembly and finishing

Complete all seams and sew in sleeves. Tie the neckline with the 1st row of single crochets using hook No. 5.5.

Then knit 4 rows with a relief pattern, and finish with 2 rows with crochet number 4.5.

If you knit a jumper for any other size, then before starting work, make a full-length pattern for your size.

knitted pullover

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