Jumper "Turquoise branches"
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Jumper "Turquoise branches"

knitted pullover

Jumper "Turquoise branches"

Model Maria Kukhta

Size: S.M.

You will need: Angora gold yarn (10% wool, 10% mohair, 80% acrylic, 550 m/100 g) - 400 g turquoise color, hook No. 2.5.

Yoke and main part: knit a chain of 132 chain stitches and close it into a ring.

 Knit the jumper yoke in the round in turning rows (a total of 12 repeats of 11 loops each) according to the pattern.

At the same time, make increases to expand the yoke, as indicated in the diagram.

 As a result of the increases, the number of loops in each repeat will become 25 stitches. After this, do not increase, knit the yoke in the round in turning rows. Carry out the jumper pattern (location of cones, buds and branches) either in your imagination or according to the algorithm of the diagram.

From the 25th to the 30th rows, knit only 4 fragments of the back - this is necessary to form a sprout.

 In the 31st row, connect the back to the front using undercuts consisting of 13 air loops.

Next, knit in turning rows in a circle, continuing to knit the pattern of twigs and buds according to the pattern.

Bottom edge: knit a chain of 23 chain stitches and knit a strip of half st. s/n behind the back wall.

 The length of the strip should be equal to the width of the jumper.

 Sew the finished elastic to the bottom edge of the jumper.

Sleeves: knit from the middle of the armhole in turning rows to an individual length, continuing the yoke pattern (twigs and buds).

Decreases the sleeve width every fifth row.

The bottom of the sleeve will be loose and wide.

Assembly: treat the neckline with a decorative “crawfish step” binding.

 Tie the edges of the sleeves with two rows of stitches. b/n.

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