Jumper "Tuscany"
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Jumper "Tuscany"

knitted pullover

A small house surrounded by trees and flowers, somewhere in the vastness of Italy... Such a wonderful image appears when we look at this jumper. And you?

Model Alena Prokhorova

 Size: XS-M


You will need: Alize lanagold fine yarn (49% wool, 51% acrylic, 390 m/100 g) – 400 g of gray melange color (No. 21), for the pattern 100 g of different wool blend yarn (390-400 m/100 g) colors of linden, pistachio, dark orchid, aster, champagne, coffee, cocoa, terracotta, emerald, azure, mint, hook No. 5.

knitted pullover

Before: start knitting with elastic.

 With color No. 21 dial 14 air. p. and knit 105 rows of st. b/n behind the back wall. From the elastic up, knit 8 rows of stitches. s/n.

Next, knit the jacquard pattern according to the pattern, having previously marked the boundaries of the pattern in the center of the fabric with markers. Each square in the diagram is 2 dc in width.

crochet pattern

Knit the rest of the piece to the end with color No. 21, making decreases for the neckline in accordance with the pattern.

knitted pullover

Back: With color No. 21, dial 14 air. p. and knit 101 rows of st. b/n behind the back wall. From the elastic up, knit the entire piece, st. s/n of the same color.

Sleeves: With color No. 21, cast on 14 chain stitches and knit 51 rows of stitches. b/n behind the back wall.

From the elastic up, knit st. s/n of the same color, adding 1 loop in each 3rd row on both sides.

knitted pullover

Assembly: Sew the front and back, leaving holes for the sleeves.

Sew the sleeves and attach them to the product

. Tie the neckline in a circle:

1st row - Art. b/n,

2nd row - Art. s/n,

 3-6th rows – elastic band (alternate 1 tbsp. s/n, 1 tbsp. s/n behind the back wall). Embroider tree trunks.

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