Cardigan – Blooming Gardens
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Cardigan – Blooming Gardens

The arrival of spring entails not only updates in nature, but also in women's wardrobes. The decor of the cardigan – Blooming Gardens, created with multi-colored circular motifs, is quite delicate and at the same time bright against the natural background of the canvas, will add rich colors and positive emotions to the image.

Italian-made bobbin yarn was used for knitting.

  • halogen lurex 7000m/100g
  • Mister joe paint – 800m/100g – shaped cotton with PA
  • Linea piu art.Kimera -1050m/100g
  • Hook 4mm.
knitted cardigan

The pattern is connected: 1st row - CCH; 2nd row – RLS, etc.

Based on the model, we calculate and knit a “vest” - front and back according to the pattern. Sew the shoulder seams.

Shelf and back diagram

We knit circles with a diameter of 3-8 cm from multi-colored threads and sew them onto the “vest”.

When knitting in the round, you need to add a different number of loops in each circle, depending on the pattern. If the circle is made from RLS, then you should evenly add 6 loops per circle, if from PS - 8 loops, if from SSN - 12 loops, if from CC2H - 16 loops. And further, with an increase in the number of yarn overs in the columns, 4 loops are added per circle when adding another yarn over. In order to add a loop, you need to knit two stitches from one point, i.e. connect two columns to a common base.

crochet motif

Side and sleeve pattern

We cast on the loops of the pattern from the back + right front and knit the side part. Next, we make the armhole and move on to knitting the sleeves.

We knit the left sleeve symmetrically - from the back + left front.

Sew the bottom seams of the sleeves and the sides of the front and back.

From the top part - shelf + back - we pick up the loops of the pattern and knit down the required length of the product.

Cutting out the bottom of the cardigan

knitted cardigan

We bind the neck and shelves with 4 rows of sc and “crawfish step”. At the same time as tying, we knit the hanging loops. The buttons are tied with sc.

knitted cardigan

All seams are decorated with chain stitch.

chain stitch

For decoration, “berries” are tied on a 5cm cord and sewn to the bottom of the “vest”.

knitted cardigan
knitted cardigan

We embroider colored stripes along the bottom of the cardigan and sleeves using a chain stitch.

knitted cardigan

This is such a beautiful cardigan. Thanks to the author of the model, Svetlana Volkodav.

knitted cardigan

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