Triangle suit
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Triangle suit

Every year, crocheting becomes more and more popular. A dress made from motifs, crocheted with regular crochet, never goes out of fashion among women and girls of all ages and generations. Even in the collections of famous designers you can find crocheted items and individual elements.

crochet knitted suit

If you are proficient in the art of crocheting, then it will not be difficult for you to make your own costume from motifs.

When knitting, a basic motif is used. This option looks very stylish, organic and impressive. The main emphasis is on the color and texture of the yarn.

crochet knitted suit

For knitting, Turkish-made yarn was used - Violet 282m/50g - light yellow and green, sectionally dyed.

Hook No. 1.0mm

Weight of the finished suit – 940g

For a blouse – 370g

For a skirt with lining – 570g

Size 46 – 48

Measurements were taken from the finished product unfolded.

Skirt measurements

Skirt length – 91 cm

Waist width – 45cm

Hem width – 56cm

Blouse measurements

Neckline – 28cm

Width along the chest line – 55cm

Waist width – 44 cm

Hem width – 52cm

Blouse length – 49cm / 73cm

Sleeve length – 35cm

crochet knitted suit

We have prepared a Master Class especially for our readers.

 By following the link below, you will have the opportunity to purchase a detailed step-by-step description of the triangle costume.


This master class is a sample. Described according to my knitting density, as well as the yarn I use and my size.

 You can use any yarn you like for this costume and make YOUR OWN CALCULATIONS following my example.

Before you start knitting, read the entire description in order to orient yourself in the work.

crochet knitted suit

Master class made for size 46-48 (ML)

The description contains detailed explanations, step-by-step instructions in photos and diagrams on 40 pages.

IMPORTANT! Be able to read and knit according to patterns. Purchasing this Description DOES NOT give you the right to distribute it in accordance with the User Agreement.

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