Beautiful openwork dress with a “Leaves” pattern
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Beautiful openwork dress with a “Leaves” pattern

An openwork dress that you will wear with desire and pleasure. In it you will look incredibly stylish both while walking along the sea coast on vacation, and in an expensive restaurant in the center of a large metropolis.

crochet dress

Size: 36/38 (44/46).



  • 500 (600) g “Nobiletta” (50% cotton, 50% polyacrylic, 165 m / 50 g) from ONLINE.
  • Hook No. 2,5 and 3.

Lace pattern: The number of loops is a multiple of 9 + 1 + 3.

Scheme 1

crochet pattern

Pattern with leaves: The number of loops is a multiple of 18. Each row begins with 3 air. loops and counts as 1 double crochet.

Scheme 2

crochet pattern


  • crochet lace pattern No. 3: 23.5 stitches and 8.5 rows = 10 x 10 cm;
  • pattern with leaves: 20.5 p and 8 p = 10 x 10 cm.

Back: cast on a chain of 109 (118) air loops with crochet number 3 and knit 18 cm = 16 r (23 cm = 20 r) with an openwork pattern according to pattern 1.

Then knit the armholes. Leave 7 stitches unknitted, then in the next rows decrease 3 p by 2 stitches. Then knit directly according to the pattern.

 Knit from the beginning 33 (41) cm to the neckline. And finish both sides separately.

Before: Knit as a back, only knit the neckline after 28 (36) cm.

Skirt: Sew the front and back, pick up stitches at the bottom and knit the skirt according to pattern 2 with a leaves pattern.

Sleeves knit in an openwork pattern.

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