Red Cardinal. Crochet dress from Oscar de la Renta
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Red Cardinal. Crochet dress from Oscar de la Renta

knitted dress

You will need 500g viscose yarn with silk (600m/100g) red, hook number 1.5.

The dress is crocheted in different patterns (patterns No. 1-4).

The upper part of the dress and the sleeves are assembled from triangular motifs, knitted according to pattern No. 1 and connected to each other (see assembly diagram).

Tie the motif, steam and dry.

Draw its dimensions on a life-size pattern.

Use the measurements provided or a custom pattern. This way you will decide on the number of motifs required for the product.

Perhaps the motifs will not fit exactly into the required dimensions. In this case, try changing the hook number or thread thickness up or down.

crochet dress

Connect the motifs while knitting the last row.

Laying out the motifs on the pattern, knit the back and front of the dress.

Sew side and shoulder seams.

Tie the neckline with single crochets “Crawfish step”.

Along the bottom line, knit several rows with single crochets to create a belt of the desired width.

Next, alternating patterns No. 2-4, knit the skirt downwards.

To gradually, imperceptibly widen the skirt, start each new pattern with an increased number of loops.

Alternate the drawings at your discretion or be guided by the photo of our model.

Depending on the desired length of the dress, you can repeat this or that pattern several times.

The sleeves are combined in a similar way.

Up to the elbow line there is an assembly of triangular motifs, below different patterns alternate.

Sew the seams and sew in the sleeves.

crochet pattern
crochet dress
knitted dress
knitted dress

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