Azure Pullover
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Azure Pullover

knitted pullover

Azure Pullover

Size: 36-38 and 40-42

Information for sizes 40-42 is indicated in brackets. If there is only one specification, this applies to both sizes.


Material: Schachenmayr Micro Grande 500 (600) g color 00151 azure; hook No. 3.5 – 4

Main pattern:

Work according to the crochet pattern.

Air fastening is a multiple of 3. Always repeat the 1st – 6th row.

crochet pattern

Density: 24 loops and 11 rows = 10x10 cm.

Advice: You should always make a stitch pattern from the original yarn. Only after this can you decide which size of knitting needles is right for you, so that in the future the size will actually be correct.

Knitting description:

Back: cast on 108 (117) chain stitches and knit straight up the main pattern = 35 (38) pattern repeats + 2 edge stitches or 107 (116) stitches.

Armhole: after 41 (39) cm, leave 6 single crochet stitches on each side and continue crocheting over the middle 95 (104) stitches. After 64 cm, the piece is finished.

Before: knit as a back, but for a V-neck, after 41 cm, divide the work in the middle and finish both sides separately.

For the oblique, leave 24 (23) times, 1 single crochet in each row = 23 (29) stitches. After 64 cm, the fabric is finished.

Sleeves: cast on 54 (63) chain stitches and crochet according to the main pattern = 17 (20) repeats of the pattern + 2 edge loops or 53 (62) sts.

Tilt: after 8 rows, 1 loop on both sides, in every 2nd row 20 again 1 stitch = 31 (34) rap. pattern + 2 edge stitches or 95 (104) stitches. After 50 cm, the sleeve is finished.


After cutting the parts, stretch, moisten and let dry.

Tie or sew the seams together.

Tie the neckline with 1 row of sc and 1 row of crab stitches: crab stitches are single crochets, but we crochet them from left to right.

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