Cape "Favorite"
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Cape "Favorite"

Capes and shawls have always been in a woman's wardrobe. They gave a feeling of comfort and warmth in any environment. Not every woman can afford to buy an expensive designer shawl. The solution is to knit a shawl with your own hands.

crochet shawl

The cape is knitted according to the description of Valentina Girich.

The cape is knitted in two folds:

– from Italian yarn Camelot 1000m/100g;

– halogen lurex;

– transparent beads No. 6;

Hook No. 1.75 mm and No. 0.5 for tying beads.

crochet shawl


the main one is a triangular motif (Fig. 1);

Rice. 1

crochet pattern
crochet shawl

 additional – connecting motif (Fig. 3);


crochet pattern

 finishing - tying the outer edges of the finished fabric of the cape (Fig. 2).


crochet pattern

 CUT: circles made up of six equilateral triangle motifs, as if transforming into each other due to the common two motifs for neighboring circles. Depending on the size of the motif, this cape can be assembled according to the diagram in Fig. 4 or fig. 5.





According to the diagram (Fig. 3), tie one connecting motif.

Then the main triangular motif according to the pattern shown in Fig. 1.

 The beginning of his work is the same flower that was taken as a connecting motif. Steam the triangular motif by securing the sides to thin steel knitting needles.

When steaming, pull the knitting needles, straightening and revealing the motif pattern. Repeat the treatment with hot steam generated when a very heated iron is brought to lightly wrung out linen fabric 3-4 times.

 Now measure the side of the triangle. If its length is about 22 - 24 cm longer, assemble the cape fabric according to the diagram in Fig. 4 (14 triangles and 3 connecting elements)

 If the length of the side of the triangle of the motif is less than 22 cm, it is better to assemble the canvas according to the diagram in Fig. 5 (22 triangles and 5 connecting motif elements).

Triangular motifs made from fine Camelot yarn were obtained with a triangle side of 15 cm. The fabric of the cape was assembled according to the following scheme (32 triangles and 10 connecting motif elements).

Motif connection diagram


Now knit all the connecting elements, steam them and proceed to the main work.

 Knit triangular motifs, attaching them to each other, and to the connecting motif, while knitting the last circle (see the diagram in Fig. 1., where along the edge of the motif record the drawstrings are shown, connecting the motifs to each other and to the middle).

crochet shawl

It is convenient to work in the following order. First, assemble a complete circle of 6 triangular motifs with one connecting element in the center (in the assembly diagram it is marked with a dense circle in the center).

 Measure the diameter of the knitted circle, increase it by 10 cm (5 cm to the radius) and draw the same circle on a light fabric (Fig. 6).


Place on soft, secured bedding.

 Divide the circle line into 6 parts and, using pins, evenly secure the 6 outer sides of the knitted triangles that make up the circle.

Steam. You can also steam a circle using six thin steel knitting needles, but their length should be at least slightly larger than the side of the triangle.

Now assemble the second circle.

 Completing the sixth triangle of this circle with its third side, join the first, already completed circle.

Now steam the second circle, securing its edges using one of the described methods.

 Finish the bottom edge of the cape by knitting and attaching two triangular motifs and one connecting element, as shown in the diagram in Fig. 4.

 Steam these motifs one by one, securing their edges to the knitting needles.

 According to the diagram in Fig. 2 tie the outer edges of the shawl and steam it.

The “Favorite” cape is ready!

crochet shawl

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