Peruvian pullover
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Peruvian pullover

knitted pullover

A wide central stripe with black and white jacquard draws attention to the loose, straight-cut pullover. Juicy olive in contrast with black looks incredible!

Model Elena Filipenko

Size: S.M.


You will need Olga yarn (50% wool, 50% acrylic, 392m/100g) – 370g (250g linden color, 100g black, 20g cream), hook number 5.

knitted pullover

Before: start knitting with a strip with an ornament (see Figure 1a, strip A).


Knit 9 colored motifs according to pattern 1; 18 black motifs according to scheme 2.

crochet pattern

Sew all the motifs together according to Figure 2.


The result is a strip, the narrow sides of which are tied with 21 double crochets (dc) with black yarn. Along the wide sides of the strip, knit 2 rows according to pattern 3. Steam the strip.

From element A on the wide side, cast on 103 loops with linden-colored yarn and knit up 16 cm Dc (= part B. At the same time, cut the neck according to the pattern. On the opposite side of strip A, also cast on 103 loops with linden-colored yarn and knit down 24 cm SSN (=part C).

Back: start knitting from element B (see Figure 1b).


To do this, cast on 103 loops with linden-colored yarn and knit 16 cm DC. At the same time, cut the neckline according to the pattern. Cast on 103 stitches along the bottom edge of element B and knit down element A with black yarn (37 cm dc).

Finally, knit element C with linden-colored yarn (= 4 cm DC).

knitted pullover

Sleeve: knit long sleeves with a lapel in mind. Cast on a chain of 50 chain stitches with black yarn and knit 2 rows of dc. Continue knitting with linden-colored yarn for another 10 rows of DC without increasing. Next, knit 35 cm with the same color of yarn, but in every 4th row add 1 dc on both sides.

Assembly: sew shoulder and side seams, leaving holes for sleeves and neckline, sleeve seams. Attach the sleeves along the front side of the product RLS (single crochet). Tie the neck and bottom of the pullover with three rows of sc with linden-colored yarn.

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