Crochet mohair dress
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Crochet mohair dress

crochet dress

An openwork dress with a “fan” and “pineapple” pattern is knitted from mohair.

Author of the model Elena Pavlova

SIZE 42-44

You will need:

 800g Angora Special yarn (100g/550m); hook No. 3.

The upper part of the dress is knitted from the bottom up, the skirt is knitted down.


 Tie a 10x10 cm sample according to pattern No. 1, steam, and dry.

Make a calculation based on the dimensions of the pattern or according to your own measurements.

Knit the back from the bottom up, knit the armholes and neckline.

Scheme 1

crochet pattern


 Knit similarly to the back, make the collar neck deeper.

Sew side and shoulder seams.


 according to pattern No. 2, start knitting the skirt in a circle from top to bottom, knit the first row of the pattern immediately along the bottom edge of the knitted and gathered part of the top of the dress.

Scheme 2

crochet pattern

 Further according to the diagram.

 As you knit, the skirt will expand.

According to pattern No. 3, continue knitting the skirt.

Scheme 3

crochet pattern


Knit sleeves of the length you need according to pattern No. 1, gradually adding loops to the knitting fabric on both sides to widen the sleeves, knit the okat.


Sew seams on the sleeves and sew the sleeves into the dress.

 Along the circumference of the neck, tie a stand-up collar according to pattern No. 1.

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