Beach robe “Time of bells”
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Beach robe “Time of bells”

knitted cardigan

The floral theme is incredibly relevant in the summer season.

The upper part of this model is knitted from large buds, the lower part is decorated with giant tulips. On the beach, such a cardigan can be worn over a swimsuit, in the city - over any dress.

knitted cardigan

Model Elena Kashigina

Size: XS-L

Dimensions of the finished product: “waist” width when unfolded – 82 cm, length

from the shoulder with binding - about 80 cm, length along the back from the neck - 75 cm, sleeve width - 32 cm.

knitted cardigan

You will need: “Hemp” yarn (30% hemp, 70% cotton, 280 m/50 g) – 270 g natural white color (01), hook No. 1.75.

The size of the product can be easily varied using threads and a hook (take something thicker) or make the binding wider.

 Square motif: knit by scheme 1, motif size – 16 x 16 cm.

crochet pattern
knitted cardigan

Border with cones: knit by scheme 2, just dial 4 air first. p., in the second from the hook, tie 4 tbsp. s/n with one vertex, connecting column in the same air. n., 2 more air. n. and a connecting column through the 2 lower sts. s/n in the third - this is for the sleeve. In the outer stitch, skip 4 or 3 lower stitches. s/n.

crochet pattern

Top part: knit 16 bell motifs according to pattern 1.

Do not fasten the thread, leave a tail so that you can later unravel the necessary sections and connect them in the last row with other motifs. Connect the motifs with connecting columns as you knit, as if clinging to the columns of the desired ready-made motif. You can simplify the task and sew the motifs with a needle.

The most important! Combine motifs in accordance with the product diagram.

Identical numbers indicate the sides to be connected. For convenience, connections are indicated by arrows. 0 means the edge remains free.

 The angular motifs of the scheme are the sleeves.

Please note: they are sewn together at the bottom (there are numbers 5 without arrows). After joining, tie the edge of the sleeve with s/n stitches and a border with cones

knitted cardigan

Bottom part: knit in rotating rows, pick up 3 chain stitches at the edge. Sirloin cage = 1 tbsp. s/n, 2 air. p., 1 tbsp. s/n. First work a row of 216 stitches. s/n (not counting the lifting loops), above them there is a row of fillet squares [18 squares x 4 motifs = 72 squares], then another row of 216 stitches. s/n.

Next, knit the pattern according scheme 3, repeating each row of the pattern 3 times.

crochet pattern

Row 14 knit 1 time.

Tie the finished robe around the entire perimeter with fillet cells, then next to the st. s/n and border with bumps scheme 2.

Lace for a belt: take a thread in 3 layers and tie a chain of air. n. of the required length. Tie several cones at the ends of the lace and thread them into a row of fillet squares at waist level.

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