Pullover "Branches"
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Pullover "Branches"

knitted pullover

 This milk chocolate pullover features an amazing pattern of woven branches on the front and back of the embossed stitches.

 Model Alena Filipenko

Size: S.M.

knitted pullover

You will need: yarn “Denim row” (50% wool, 50% PAN bulky, 250 m / 100 g) – 600 g, light brown melange color, hooks No. 3, No. 4, No. 5.

Attention! Crochet the entire product using crochet number 5.

knitted pullover


 dial a chain of 16 air. p. and knit an elastic band st. b/n for the back wall of the loop (= 108 rows).

From the elastic up, knit 1 row of st. s/n (=108 loops).

Then, using markers, divide the piece into sections A and B, knitting each according to its own pattern.

crochet pattern
crochet pattern

Attention! All crosses in pattern A are knitted in st. s/n.

knitted pullover

 Scheme B is repeated 4 times.

crochet pattern

Knit the neckline according to the pattern.

 Be sure to iron the front piece.

knitted pullover


knit an elastic band in the same way as the front part (= 108 rows).

 Next, knit the entire back st. s/n according to the pattern.

The back is 6 rows shorter than the front part, since the relief pattern tightens the fabric a little.

Sew shoulder and side seams, leaving space for armholes.


start with an elastic band.

 Cast on a chain of 16 chains. p. and knit 50 rows of st. b/n for the back wall of the loop.

From the elastic, knit 1 row of st. s/n (=50 loops).

Next, using markers in the middle of the sleeve, highlight section B, which you knit according to the pattern.

The rest of the sleeve is knitted in st. s/n.

In every 6th row, increase 1 loop on both sides.

 Iron the sleeves, stitch them and sew them to the main product.

knitted pullover

Neck strap:

crochet number 5, knit in a circle 1 row of st. b/n and 1 row st. s/n.

Then knit, alternating: “1 tbsp. s/n, 1 tbsp. s/n behind the front wall* (3 rows with crochet No. 5, 1 row with crochet No. 4, 1 row with crochet No. 3).

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