Pullover made from granny squares
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Pullover made from granny squares

knitted pullover

Small squares of three colors - black, beige and white - formed the basis of a stylish loose-fitting pullover. Convenience, beauty and comfort in one model.

Model Elena Filipenko

 Size: S.M.

knitted pullover

You will need: yarn A-elita [50% wool, 50% acrylic, 781 m/100 g) – 100 g milky white, 100 g black and 300 g powdery beige, hook No. 5.

 The pullover is knitted in 2 threads.

 Before starting work, make a life-size pattern for the product and make all reductions in accordance with the pattern.

 Knit 12 square motifs using white yarn: cast on 13 chain stitches. p. and knit 6 rows of st. s/n.

crochet pattern
knitted pullover

Knit the remaining motifs according to the pattern, connecting each other during the knitting process, observing the alternation of colors according to Figures 1 and 2.

knitted pullover

The result was 2 rectangular parts for the front and back.

 Next, knit each piece up in beige for 6 rows of stitches. s/n.

 Form the neckline according to the pattern.

 Sew shoulder and side seams, leaving holes for armholes.

From the resulting armholes in beige, knit st. s/n sleeves 30 cm long.

 In every 2nd row on both sides, decrease the loops in accordance with the pattern.

Assembly and finishing: sew the seams of the sleeves.

 Decorate the edges of the sleeves with squares knitted according to the pattern.

The alternation of colors is shown in the figure.

Tie the bottom of the product with black in 4 rows of stitches. b/n, neck – 2 rows of art. b/n, sleeves – 1 next st. b/n.

knitted pullover

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