Pullover "Mimosa"
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Pullover "Mimosa"

knitted pullover

Spring means the sun, drops and branches of yellow mimosa for the holiday: It is its delicate buds that are the main decoration of a loose mustard-colored pullover.

Model Elena Filipenko

Size: XS-M


You will need: пряжа «Перспективная» (50% мериносовая шерсть, 50% акрил объемный, 270 м/100 г) – 500 г цвета горчица, крючки №4 и №5.

knitted pullover

Description of knitting

Before: Using crochet number 5, dial 16 chain stitches and tie an elastic band: 103 rows of st. b/n for the back wall of the loop.

Along the long edge of the resulting elastic band, knit 1 row of st. s/n (= 103 p.] and with markers divide the work into sections: 2 extreme loops / section B according to pattern 2 (= 35 loops) / section A according to pattern 1 (= 29 loops) / section B according to pattern 2 (= 35 loops)/2 extreme loops.

crochet pattern
crochet pattern

Knit all sections at the same time.

In the purl rows, knit all the “bumps” and columns in the pattern behind the back wall. Repeat the central pattern from the 1st to the 4th rows as many times as necessary.

Repeat the extreme patterns of section B from the 1st to the 7th rows.

 From the wrong side, knit the columns behind the back wall.

Make reductions for the neckline in accordance with the actual size pattern.

knitted pullover

Back: dial a chain of 16 air. p., tie an elastic band: 103 rows st. b/n for the back wall of the loop.

 Along the long edge of the resulting elastic, knit the piece using s/n stitches.

The back is 6 rows shorter than the front part, since the relief pattern in the center of the front part tightens the fabric a little.

Sew shoulder and side seams, leaving space for armholes.

knitted pullover

Sleeves: start knitting with elastic. Cast on a chain of 16 chains. p. and knit 51 rows of st. b/n.

From the elastic, knit 1 row of st. s/n (= 51 loops).

Next, using markers in the middle of the sleeve, highlight section B, which you knit according to pattern 1. The rest of the sleeve is knitted in st. s/n.

 In every 4th row, add 1 stitch on both sides to widen the sleeves.

Iron the sleeves, stitch them and sew them to the main product.

Along the edge of the neckline with crochet number 5, knit 1 row of st. b/n and 1 row st. s/n.

 Then knit, alternating 1 tbsp. s/n and 1 tbsp. s/n behind the front wall of the loop (3 rows with crochet No. 5, 2 rows with crochet No. 4).

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