Pullover "Tulips"
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Pullover "Tulips"

knitted pullover

The white pullover with a V-neck is knitted with a delicate openwork pattern and decorated with chains of flower buds.

Model Mukhamedova Ekaterina

 Dimensions: XS-S(M-LJXL-XXL

You will need: yarn (50% wool, 50% acrylic, 250 m/100 g) - 300-350 g of main color, 20-30 g of colored yarn, hook No. 25 - 3.5 scissors.

Knitting density: 16th century s/n x 8 rows 10 x 10 cm.

Attention! Knit from bottom to top

Cast on a chain of 160 chains. p. and knit 3 rows with s/n stitches, then with a “tulips” pattern - 2 rows according to pattern 1.

crochet pattern

 1st row – insert a green thread into the work and knit a row of ticks.

 2nd row – knit buds with red yarn.

 6th row - knit 3 tbsp with white yarn. s/n in each chain of air loops. Next knit according to pattern 2

crochet pattern

(7th row – all columns s/n),

 8th row – alternate 1 tbsp. s/n, 1 air. p. to the end of the row.

 9-10th rows - columns s/n.

11-12th rows - “tulips” pattern, as described above.

The 13th row is like the 6th row.

The 14th row is like the 7th row.

The 15th row is like the 8th row.

 16-17th rows - columns s/n.

18th row - alternate 3 tbsp. s/n with one top and 2 air stitches to the end of the row.

 19th row - knit 3 tbsp. s/n from one top to the end of the row

 20-21st rows - columns s/n.

 Repeat the pattern from the 15th to the 21st row.

 When 24 rows are knitted, leave 6 (9) 12 stitches for undercuts on the sides and then knit the front and back parts separately in straight and reverse rows.

Back: Continue knitting according to the pattern, adding loops along the edges to form a dropped shoulder line (see pattern 3).

crochet pattern

 When a total of 35 (38) 41 rows are knitted, mark 29 (32) 35 l along the edges, and then knit these loops separately for 3 more rows.

Before: Divide the piece into 2 equal parts and knit them separately according to pattern 2. Along the edges, add loops in the same way as the back.

At the same time, at the neckline, decrease 1 stitch in each row until there are 29 (32) 35 stitches on the weep (diagram 4).

crochet pattern

 Finish knitting at back height.

Tie the other side symmetrically.

Sew the shoulder seams with a chain stitch and then knit the sleeves

Sleeves: cast on a chain of 15 chain stitches and knit the cuff with an elastic band in straight and reverse rows. Knit a row of s/n stitches and unfold the knitting.

Next, knit in s/n stitches behind the back half-loop of the previous row, starting from the second loop. Knit 18-20 rows, connect the first and last rows with a chain stitch.

Next, knit the sleeve up from the cuff:

 1st row - from every two rows of the cuff, knit 5 tbsp. s/n.

 Next, knit with the main pattern: 2 rows of stitches, “tulips” pattern, 2 rows of stitches, 1 row - alternating 1 tbsp. s/n and 1 air. p. 2 rows of columns, “tulips” pattern, then - pattern according to scheme 2.

At the same time, evenly add loops in every second row: add 1 tbsp. s/n at the beginning and end of the row.

 Note. If necessary, in alternating rows (1 treble s/n, 1 chain stitch) and in rows of an openwork pattern, add or reduce the number of loops.

 When the sleeve length is 30-34 rows, finish knitting the details.

Tie the second sleeve in the same way.

Sew the sleeves into the armholes using a chain stitch.

Bottom bar: attach the thread to the bottom edge of the pullover, cast on a chain of 15 chain stitches. Unfold the work, tie 11 sts. s/n, using the 12th art. connect the bar to the main part. Unfold the knitting and then knit s/n stitches behind the back wall of the loop of the previous row, starting from the second st.

Cutout strip: attach the thread to the center of the cutout, tie 2 air from this point. p., connect to the right edge at the level of the 1st row.

Tie 3 tbsp from the same base. s/n, using the fourth, connect to the left edge of the cutout.

Repeat the steps for the second row. 2 air p. connect with the edge, from the 3rd art. s/n of the previous row, knit 6 tbsp. s/n (knit 3 times 2 treble s/n from 1 treble s/n) behind the back wall

 Using the last stitch, connect the placket to the other edge of the collar. Knit in this way until you get 22 treble stitches x2 edge stitches between the edges of the neckline.

From this point on, divide the bar into two equal parts and knit separately. It is best to connect the strap either at the shoulder seam or in the center of the back using a chain stitch.

Note. To make the strap imitate an elastic band, knit the stitches behind the back wall. Thread the ends of the threads.

 Perform a WTO on the product and dry it in a horizontal position without stretching.

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