Pumpkin Pullover
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Pumpkin Pullover

knitted pullover

It seems that all crochet patterns are already familiar to you? We are sure that you are seeing these original designs of large zigzags and rhombuses for the first time! Grab your crochet hook and knit yourself this stylish pullover!


Size: XS-M


You will need: yarn “A-elita” [50% wool, 50% acrylic, 781 m/100 g) – 300 g pumpkin color, hook No. 5.

The pullover is knitted in 2 threads.

Before starting work, make a life-size pattern for the product and make all decreases in accordance with the pattern.

Before: dial a chain of 78 air. p. and knit 4 rows of st. s/n.

Next, knit according to pattern 1.

crochet pattern

Then knit 2 rows of double crochets and continue working with the fillet pattern according to pattern 2.

crochet pattern

At a height of 28 cm from the cast-on row, divide the work in half to cut the neckline, then knit the required number of rows of st. with a double crochet according to the pattern.

Back: knit in the same way, but start shaping the neckline according to the pattern at a height of 46 cm from the cast-on row.

Sleeves: sew shoulder and side seams, leaving openings for armholes 14 cm high.

 From the resulting armholes, cast on 58 stitches. with a double crochet and knit in a circle of 46 cm in accordance with pattern 3, alternately knitting the 1st and 2nd rows the required number of times.

crochet pattern

For ties, tie two chains of air. item 15 cm long.

Crochet 1 row of double crochets each.

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