Pullover "Floral intarsia"
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Pullover "Floral intarsia"

knitted pullover

The vibrant arrangement of flowers and stripes on the front is supported by a single element at the top of the back. All this beauty looks great on a burgundy background!

Model Alena Prokhorova

Size: XS-L


You will need: yarn Alize Lanagold Fine (51% acrylic, 49% wool, 390 m/100 g) – 400 g burgundy color (No. 57), for the pattern – similar yarn in shades: mustard, St. melange jeans, beige, terracotta, linden and cornflower, hook No. 5.

Before starting work, make a life-size pattern for the upper part of the product and make reductions for the neckline in accordance with it.

knitted pullover

Before: start knitting with elastic.

Dial 14 air. p. with a burgundy thread and knit 68 rows according to pattern 1.

 From the elastic up, knit 1 row of stitches. s/n [total 104 loops) and divide the work into 2 parts: 64 p. and 40 p.

 Next, knit each part separately.

Right - art. s/n burgundy color, and on the left knit pattern A according to pattern 2.

crochet pattern

Also knit the neckline separately for each part.

Connect both parts with a hook along the front side 1 next to the st. Non-woven thread of cornflower blue color.

knitted pullover

Back: According to scheme 1, knit an elastic band 68 rows long. From the elastic up, knit the entire piece, st. s/n thread of burgundy color.

After 23 cm of monochrome knitting on the left side, fix the area with markers and begin knitting flower B according to pattern 3.

crochet pattern

 Knit the neck according to the pattern

knitted pullover

Sleeves: knit an elastic band according to pattern 1, 32 rows long.

From the elastic upwards, knit the entire sleeve st. s/n, making increases on both sides in every 3rd row.

knitted pullover

Assembly: Sew the front and back, leaving holes for the sleeves.

Sew the sleeves and attach them to the product.

Tie the neckline in a circle:

 1st row – st, b/n,

2nd row – art. s/n,

Rows 3-7 – rib (alternate 1 treble s/n and 1 treble s/n behind the back wall of the loop).

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