Pullover “Ink patterns”
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Pullover “Ink patterns”

knitted pullover

The graphic design looks very impressive against a light background in the shade of freshwater pearls. This wool blend pullover will definitely find a place in your new wardrobe.

Model Elena Filipenko

Size: XS-S


You will need: yarn A-elita (50% wool, 50% acrylic, 781 m/100 g) – 300 g fresh pearl color, 100 g dark blue, hooks No. 4 and No. 5.

Before starting work, make a life-size pattern of the product.

Before: With hook No. 5, dial 11 air. p. and connect element A according to scheme 1.

crochet pattern

Repeat rows 3-6 9 times.

 From element A in both directions, knit elements B symmetrically according to pattern 2.

In this case, knit rows 5 and 13 st. b/n.

Next, knit elements C according to pattern 3.

crochet pattern

 Repeat rows 3-8 6 times.

From element C in both directions, knit elements D symmetrically according to pattern 4.

crochet pattern

Sew the resulting 3 strips together (see motif layout diagram).

From the resulting part downwards, knit an elastic band 8 cm long according to pattern 5.

crochet pattern

Next knit the front part up st. s/n in accordance with the pattern.

knitted pullover

Back: dial a chain of 57 air. p. and tie 55 cm st. s/n.

Next, by analogy with the front part, tie the elastic band down and knit the neckline on top in accordance with the pattern.

Sew shoulder and side seams, leaving holes for the sleeves.

Sleeves: dial a chain of 11 air. p. and knit section A according to pattern 1, repeating the pattern 8 times. From section A downwards, knit section E according to pattern 6.

From section A up, knit section B according to pattern 2 (rows 10-16).

Next, knit the entire sleeve st. s/n, making increases on both sides in every 4th row.

Sew the sleeves and attach them to the main product.

Neck strap: Along the edge of the neckline with crochet number 5, knit 1 row of st. b/n and 1 row st. s/n.

 Then knit, alternating 1 tbsp. s/n and 1 tbsp. s/n behind the front wall (2 rows with crochet No. 5, 2 rows with crochet No. 4).

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