Light lilac pullover
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Light lilac pullover

knitted pullover

Light lilac pullover with floral motifs on a background of loin mesh. A stylish thing for both spring and summer.

Dimensions: 34-36 (40-42)


You will need: 450 (500) g lilac yarn Secondo (50% cotton. 30% polyamide. 20% silk, 125 mU50 g); hooks No. 3 and M 3.5.

Sirloin pattern: knit according to counting patterns 1 and 2.

fillet knitting
fillet knitting

The number of loops is a multiple of 3 + 1 + 3 units. lifting point. Every r. start with 3 air. p. rise instead of 1st st. s/n and finish 1 tbsp. s/n in air. p lifting the previous p

Knitting density

Fillet pattern, hook No. 3: 30 p. and 10 r. = 10 x 10 cm; hook No. 3.5: 26.5 p. = 10 cm.

Attention! On the pattern, the bevel on the front and on the back is due to the different thickness of the hooks.

Back: crochet number 3.5, tie a chain of 133 (145) air. p. + 3 air. p. rise and knit according to counting pattern 1, while starting, as indicated, from the 3rd (1st) p. After 30 (32) cm from the cast-on edge, continue working with crochet No. 3.

Perform decreases for armholes according to counting pattern 1. To do this, at the beginning of the r. knit over decreasing sts. st., at the end of r leave the loops unknitted. After 80 r. From the cast-on edge, finish the work on the remaining 115 (127) sts.

Before: knit the same way. but with a neckline. To do this, after 73 rubles. leave the middle 14 squares from the cast-on edge and finish both sides separately Over the next 7 p. subtract 3 squares from the inner edge according to scheme 1 (after the 6th row, subtract loops according to the meaning).

crochet pattern

Finish at back height on the remaining 28 (34) shoulder stitches on each side.

Sleeves: crochet 3 to tie a chain of 79 (85) air. p. + 3 air. p. rise and knit according to counting pattern 2. For sleeve bevels, add 3 x 1 square on both sides according to pattern 2. performing the 5th and 6th p. scheme.

crochet pattern

After 38 r. from the cast-on edge at 97 (103) stitches. Finish the work.

Assembly: sew shoulder seams. Using crochet hook No. 3, tie round 2 around the neckline. R. Art. s/n. at the same time every r. start with 3 air. p. rise instead of 1st st. s/n and finish 1st connection art. to the 3rd air. lifting point. In the 2nd r. knit evenly on the curves 4 x 2 tbsp. s/n together. Sew in the sleeves, make side seams and sleeve seams. Tie the lower edge of the front back and sleeves 2 r. Art. s/n.

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