Shell top
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Shell top

knitted top

Shell top

Dimensions: 34 (38/40) 44


You will need: 150 (200) 250 g of gray and light gray, 50 g of pink yarn (40% cotton, 40% polyacrylic, 20% polyamide, 85 m/50 g), hook No. 5

Pattern of “shells” A: number of dial-on stitches is a multiple of b + 1+1 air. lifting point. Knit according to the pattern. Start with 1 or 3 air. p. rise instead of 1st st. b/n or 1st century. s/n and loops before rapport, repeat rapport, end with loops after rapport. Knit 1 time from the 1st to the 3rd r., repeat the 2nd and 3rd r. In the instructions, the beginning and end points are calculated as 1/2 rapport.

Shell pattern B: knit according to the pattern, like the pattern from “shells” A. Repeat the 4th and 5th rows. Sequence of alternating colors: 1 p.* each with light gray, pink and gray thread, repeat from *.

crochet pattern

Knitting density.

Pattern of “shells” A: 17 cast-on stitches and 7 r. = 10 x 9 cm.

Pattern of “shells” B: 13.5 cast-on stitches and 7 p. = 10 x 9 cm.


For the back and front, the peplum is first knitted from top to bottom, then the upper part is knitted. The arrows on the pattern indicate the direction of knitting.

Back: for a peplum, use a gray thread to tie a chain of 67 (79) 91 air. p. + 1 air. rise stitches and knit with a pattern of “shells” A = 10 (12) 14 repeats + initial and final stitches or 1/2 repeat on both sides. After 9 cm = 7 r. (10.5 cm = 8 r.) 11.5 cm = 9 r. from the cast-on edge, knit with a pattern of “shells” B. Finish the work after 18 cm = 14 r. (19.5 cm = 15 r.) 20.5 cm = 16 r. from the typesetting edge.


The downward expansion is due to different knitting densities and is indicated by a bevel on the pattern. For the top of the back, tie the cast-on edge of the peplum with a pattern of “shells” A in the indicated sequence, starting from the 2nd row. scheme. After 19.5 cm = 15 r. knit from a peplum with a light gray thread. After 28 cm = 22 r. (29.5 cm = 23 r.) 31 cm = 24 r. from the peplum, leave the middle 4 (6) b repeats for the neckline + on both sides 1/2 (0) 1/2 repeat and then knit separately = 2 repeats + on both sides 1/2 repeat (31/2 repeat) 3 repeats + on both sides 1/2 rapport on each shoulder. Finish work in 36 cm = 28 r. (37.5 cm = 29 rub.) 39 cm = 30 rub. from the basque.

Before: knit also.

Assembly: sew shoulder seams. For the sleeves, tie the top 16.5 (18) 19.5 cm of the back and front from/to the side seam across the shoulders with a light gray thread with a pattern of “shells” A, while in 1 r. perform 11 (12) 13 rapports + initial and final stitches. Finish the work at a plank height of 4 cm = 3 r. Sew side seams and sleeve trim seams.

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