Tunic with lace peplum
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Tunic with lace peplum

knitted tunic

Tunic with lace peplum

Dimensions: 36/38 (40/42) 44/46


You will need: 400 (450) 500 g Camello eggplant yarn (85% lambswool, 15% camel wool, 70m/50g); hook and circular needles No. 7.

Rubber: alternately knit 2, purl 2.

Main pattern: knit st. s/n, with each r. start with 3 air. p. lifting instead of the 1st st. s/n and finish 1 tbsp. s/n in 3rd air. n. rise of the previous river.

Lace Pattern: the number of initial sts is a multiple of 4 + 2. Knit according to the pattern. Every r. start with 3 air. p. lifting instead of the 1st st. s/n and s loops before rapport, repeat repeat, end with loops after rapport. Knit 1 time from 1st to 3rd row, then 2 times 2nd + 3rd row, 2 times 4th + 5th row. and finish on the 6th p. = only 12 rub. On the 1st knit st. s/n and groups from Art. s/n between the loops of the main pattern, from the 2nd row. knit groups from art. s/n between the loops of the previous row. The dots under the diagram indicate set stitches or stitches. s/n of the main pattern. In the instructions, the beginning and end points are calculated as 1 rapport.

crochet pattern

Knitting density. Main pattern: 9 p. and 5 r. = 10 x 10 cm; lace pattern: 1 rapport in the 1st - 7th r. = 5 cm wide, in 12 r. = 7 cm wide, 12 r. = 30 cm in height.

Attention! Knit a basque on the cast-on edge of the front and back. The neckline and armhole straps are attached later. Arrows on the pattern = knitting direction.

Back: tie a chain of 42 (46) 50 air. p. + 3 air. p. rise and knit with the main pattern. After 18 cm = 9 r. from the cast-on edge leave 3 p. for armholes on both sides = 36 (40) 44 p. After 32 cm = 16 r. (34 cm = 17 r.) 36 cm = 18 r. From the cast-on edge, leave an average of 16 (18) 20 stitches for the neckline and finish both sides separately. Finish in 38 cm = 19 r. (40 cm = 20 r.) 42 cm = 21 r. from the cast-on edge on the remaining 10 (11) 12 stitches of the shoulder on each side.

Before: knit in the same way, but for a deeper neckline, leave the middle 16 (18) 20 p. after 26 cm = 13 r. (28 cm = 14 r.) 30 cm = 15 r. from the typesetting edge.

Basque: knit a lace pattern on the lower edge of the back and front = 10 (11) 12 repeats. In this case, first the lace pattern is adjusted to the width of the back and front. Finish work on a basque length of 30 cm = 12 r.

Assembly: sew shoulder seams. Using circular knitting needles, cast on 64 (68) 72 sts along the neckline, knit in circular p. for the strap 5 cm with an elastic band and close all the loops according to the drawing. For the slats, cast on 48 (52) 56 stitches along the vertical edges of the armholes and tie between the edges. 5 cm with an elastic band, starting and ending with 2 knits. Then close all the loops according to the drawing. Sew the short sides of the strips to the horizontal edges of the armholes. Sew side seams and armhole strap seams.

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