Black lace pullover
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Black lace pullover

crochet pattern

Black lace pullover

Size: 38/40


You will need:

  • 500 g black Bandolo yarn (78% cotton. 22% polyamide. 150 m/50 g);
  • hook No. 3.5.

Attention! The front and back are knitted from top to bottom.

Main pattern: the number of loops is a multiple of 16 + 1 +3 air. lifting point. Knit according to the pattern. Start each row with 1 or 3 air. p. rise instead of 1st st. b/n or 1st century. s/n and s loops before rapport, repeat repeat loops, end with loops after repeat. Knit 3 times 1st and 2nd r., 1 time from 3rd to 29th r., 2 times 28th and 29th r., then 1 time from 3rd to 18th r. .

crochet pattern

Attention! In the last repeat of the pattern, only finish the started motifs of rhombuses, from the 16th p. perform the pattern as in 25-M-27-M r. Then repeat the 28th and 29th rows.

Openwork pattern: knit as the main pattern, but repeat only the 1st and 2nd r. From 1st r. each rapport contains 26 sts.

Knitting density. Main pattern: 15 p. and 8.5 rub. = 10 x 10 cm; openwork pattern: 25 p. = 10 cm.

Description of knitting a lace pullover


For the shoulders, knit separately in a chain of 24 chain stitches. p. and knit with the main pattern, while for the right part, start with the loops before the repeat and knit 1 repeat, knit the left part symmetrically. 3 cm from the cast-on edge, combine both parts with an intermediate chain of 33 air. p. and knit on all loops = 6 repeats + 1/2 repeat on both sides. Finish the work 65 cm from the set edge.


Knit as for the back, but perform an intermediate chain after 5 r. from the typesetting edge.


Knit a chain of 41 air. p. + 3 air. p. rise and knit with an openwork pattern, while starting with the loops before the repeat, knit 2 repeats and end with the loop after the repeat. From 1st r. there are 66 stitches in work. At the same time, starting from the cast-on edge, add sleeves for bevels on both sides in every 2nd row. 14 x 1 p. and in each row 8 × 1 p. = 110 p. First add additions as st. s/n, then include loops in the pattern. After 43 cm from the set edge, finish the work.


Sew shoulder seams: sew in sleeves, sew side seams and sleeve seams. Tie the neckline 1 p. Art. b/n.

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