Crochet dress “Chamomile fillet”
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Crochet dress “Chamomile fillet”

Daisies bloomed on the field,

 Lots and lots of beautiful flowers.

 And the white sea sways -

 Like a dream from impossible dreams!

Lace dress in the fillet technique without a single seam - raglan in a circle from top to bottom.


Dress size 46-48

Measurements were taken from the finished product unfolded.

Neckline circumference – 61cm

Width along the chest line – 50cm.

Hem width – 57cm

Dress length – 118cm.

Sleeve length along the inner seam is 18cm.

fillet knitting


Crochet dress “Fillet Chamomile” is crocheted from viscose with lurex in three threads.

One thread – pearl yarn 900m/100g. It took 270g

Two threads of golden viscose 3400m/100g. It took 190g.

Average yarn thickness – 530m/100g

Clover hook 1.5mm.

Total weight of the dress – 455g

We have prepared a Master Class especially for our readers.

By following the link below, you will have the opportunity to purchase a detailed step-by-step description of the “Fillet Chamomile” dress.

crochet dress


This master class is a sample. Described according to my knitting density, as well as the yarn I use and my size.

 You can use any yarn you like for this dress and make YOUR OWN CALCULATIONS following my example.

Before you start knitting, read the entire description in order to orient yourself in the work.

Master class made for size 46-48 (ML)

fillet knitting

The description explains in detail the difficult points. Schemes have been drawn up for each stage of knitting a dress. 

IMPORTANT! Be able to read and knit according to patterns. Purchasing this Description DOES NOT give you the right to distribute it in accordance with the User Agreement.

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