Chic coat with Irish motifs
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Chic coat with Irish motifs

knitted coat

You can truly look royal in a chic long coat crocheted in exquisite lace motifs.

We will need:

  • 15 skeins of yarn 82% wool, 18% acrylic, 100 grams per 120 meters) for motifs;
  • 1 skein of yarn (50% wool, 50% acrylic, 100 grams per 430 meters) for the mesh;
  • the collar of the model will be with faux fur;
  • a little organza;
  • transparent buttons;
  • crochet number 5 for motifs and number 3 for mesh.

Crochet coat size: 44-46.

Schemes and pattern

knitted coat
knitted coat
crochet pattern
knitted coat
crochet pattern

Model description

Important! The knitted coat is made using the “coupled guipure” technique.

First we need a custom pattern made from thick fabric. Having made it, we proceed to knitting elements based on the above diagrams: circles of lush columns, leaves, flowers, circles, individual leaves and circles are tied in a “crawfish step”.

When knitting petals, we vary the height and number of s. with n., number of r., and knitted tiers of petals.

knitted coat


We randomly lay out the blanks face down on the pattern, creating an overall composition, and then sew the sides that touch each other with a thin thread. The voids formed between the joints must be filled with an irregular mesh of... p. or needle irregular mesh brids (tension threads), made with a needle and thin thread. We complement the composition with branches with “cones”.

We start by connecting the motifs of the shelves and back, after which we sew seams on the sides and shoulders.

For decoration, we knit a flower with spiral branches (drawings G and H). We knit 2 rows along the sides of the shelves and the neckline. With. without n..

For fastening, you can use buttons (as in the photo) or transparent buttons. If desired, you can sew several buttons on the right shelf. which will imitate a fastener.

We make a stand-up collar with faux fur; organza ruffles can be sewn into the edges.

Sticking with c., you can additionally knit the hood, connecting it to the collar using buttons, or wear it separately, like a hood.

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