Ажурная блузка-топ
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Ажурная блузка-топ

knitted top

Ажурная блузка-топ

Size: S

You will need: 200 г. пряжи Nako Comfort Stretch (90% микрофибра, 10 % полиэстер, 50 г/93 м) и спицы 3,5.


Description of knitting

Back and front knit the same way.

Cast on 129 stitches and knit according to pattern 4 (ruffle). At the end of the pattern, there will be 91 stitches left on the knitting needles.

Next we knit the main part of the part:

15 loops according to pattern 1, 9 loops according to pattern 2, 21 loops according to pattern 3, k1, 21 loops according to pattern 3, 9 loops according to pattern 2, 15 loops according to pattern 1. We knit 34 cm in this way.

We go to the armholes and bind off 3 loops on each side (85 loops).

Then in every third row we decrease 1 loop 21 times (43 loops).

At a height of 44 cm, close all loops.


Cast on 156 stitches and follow pattern 4.

Then knit according to pattern 1, decreasing 1 loop on each side 14 times in each row. At a height of 8 cm, close all loops. Make 2 straps this way.


Cast on 13 loops. Knit with rib *k1, p1. for a length equal to the width of the front/back, knit 1, (yarn over, knit 2 together) - 6 times, continue with an elastic band 1*1 along the width of the strap* - repeat between **.


Sew on the straps, sew the side seams, sew on the collar.

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