Ажурный жакет с рукавом реглан
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Openwork jacket with raglan sleeves

knitted jacket

Jacket knitted in a romantic style with raglan sleeves. The bottom of the model is uniquely decorated with ruffles. The main details are connected by original openwork patterns, diagrams of which are given below. This summer openwork knitted jacket can be safely worn with both a skirt and trousers.

The description allows you to make a knitted openwork jacket in several sizes: S; M; L; XL; XXL; XXXL.

We need:

  • mixed yarn: 50% cotton, 50% synthetic; 50g at 105m – 400; 450; 500; 500; 550; 650g;
  • straight sp. No3 and No3.5;
  • circular sp. No3 and No3.5;
  • loop holder or large pin;
  • markers (M);
  • buttons to match the color of the yarn - 5 pieces.

are carried out according to the schemes.

Density: openwork A2 - A5 with knitting needles No. 3.5 21p. for 28 rub. equal to 10cm by 10cm; openwork A6 with knitting needles No. 3.5 18p. for 28 rub. equal to 10 cm by 10 cm.


Button loops

We will do them on the bar on the right half of the front. To do this we knit 2p. in 1l., then do 1n. We arrange the loops:
For districts S; M; L; XL; XXL: 8; 15; 22; 29; 35cm.
For size XXXL: 8; 14; 20; 26; 32cm.

Main part

We begin to make a knitted openwork jacket with a set of knitting needles on fishing line 293; 313; 353; 373; 413; 473p. We knit 1 p. purl p. We continue thus: first and last 5 p. - handkerchief pattern (these will be the strips of the front shelves), the rest - pattern cx. A.1A until there are 8 stitches left, then 3 stitches. diagrams A.1B. We knit pattern A.1 completely. We are left with 181; 193; 217; 229; 253; 289p. The height of the part is 8cm. Don't forget about buttonholes!

Next we move on to the cx pattern. A.2. We continue the planks with a scarf. viscous. When on sp. 8 p., 3 p. will remain. we knit faces up to the bar. stocking stitch. By tying all the rows of the pattern, we get the height of the part to be 13cm. We do 4 rubles. stocking pattern, decreasing in 3 r. uniformly 15; 12; 15; 15; 9; 12p. We have 166; 181; 202; 214; 244; 277p.

Next we knit according to cx. A.3 one rapport (P) in height, then 4p. persons stocking ch.. In the 1st r. subtract 11; 10; 15; eleven; 9; 10p. We distribute the decreases throughout the canvas. We have 155; 171; 187; 203; 235; 267p. We continue along cx. A.4. We knit the last stitch to the bar. Ch. Having connected the entire height of the pattern along cx. A.4, do 4p. persons Ch. In the 2nd r. add 11; 13; 9; 14; 9; 4p. We distribute the increments throughout the entire canvas. We have 166; 184; 196; 217; 244; 271p. Next we carry out according to cx. A.3 one R in height and again 4 R. persons ch., adding in the 2nd p. 13; 13; 10; 16; 7; 7p. We distribute the increments throughout the entire canvas. We have 179; 197; 206; 233: 251; 278p. The height of the jacket element is already 31cm.

From the next persons R. distribution p.: 5 p. – plank, 6p. – сх. A.5A, A.5B until you get 15p., 10p. – сх. A.5C, 5p. - plank. We continue like this, noting M 47; 52; 54; 61; 65; 72p. on both sides for the front parts of the jacket. Having knitted 2 rows after the last buttonhole (this is 36; 36; 36; 36; 36; 33 cm), we begin knitting with shortened rows: 5p. planks, turn the work, 1l., turn, knit to the extreme 5 sts., turn, 1l. We continue knitting on all stitches as before, decreasing by 1p. on faces side 1 p. roll-out on each half. Subtract p. in even rows. total 21; 24; 26; thirty; 33; 38 times. We knit the loops that do not fit into the pattern. Ch.

At the same time after 38; 39; 40; 41; 42; We close 42cm under the armholes 3p. on both sides of the M. We have 79; 87; 92; 105; 115; 128p. on the back and 41 each; 45; 46; 51; 53; 57p. half the front.


Knitted in the round. We dial sp. No3 71; 77; 79; 85; 87; 93p. Next - 4 rubles. handkerchief drawing. We change sp. on No3.5 and do 1p. persons p., decreasing 10; 10; 12; 12; 14; 14p. We distribute the decreases throughout the canvas. Next - 3p. according to cx. A.6A, A.6B until there are 4p left, A.6c. After 14cm we finish with the 5th row. pattern according to cx. A.6 and closed under armholes 6p. We have 55; 61; 61; 67; 67; 73p.


We transfer all the points to circular joints. This is 271; 299; 306; 341; 355; 388p. Set M, indicating raglan lines, continue knitting the main parts along cx. A.5, sleeves - according to diagram. A.6. We continue to make decreases along the rollout line - see the description above. Next persons R. decrease 1 p on both sides of M. Decrements must be repeated in each person. R. total 18; 20; 21; 23; 24; 26 times. As a result, we have 91 in our work; 99; 96; 111; 115; 128p. After the last r. regulated decreases, perform 1 rub. purl etc. and so on. persons row, the loops of both strips after knitting are transferred to a holder or pin.

We have 81; 89; 86; 101; 105; 118p. We perform 1 rub. persons p., decreasing 18; 26; 21; 34; 36; 47p. We distribute the decreases throughout the canvas. Closed P.

We knit the loops of the straps with handkerchief stitches. pattern until they join in the center of the back rollout.


We stitch the strips end to end and sew them along the neckline. Sew the armholes and sew on the buttons.

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