Openwork pullover with three-quarter sleeves
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Openwork pullover with three-quarter sleeves

knitted pullover

This leaf-patterned pullover is made using soft, fluffy yarn in a subtle color. Playful ruffles along the hem and sleeves look very feminine.

You will need:

yarn Diamohairdeux (Alpaca) (medium thickness) color pink (705) 230 g = 6 skeins

Tools: knitting needles No. 6 (4 mm), No. 4 (3.25 mm)

Finished product dimensions:

chest circumference 94 cm,

back width at shoulders 34 cm,

product length 54 cm,

sleeve length 44.5 cm


Knitting density:

Openwork pattern A: 27 p. and 30 r. = 10 × 10 cm,

facial surface: 21 p. and 30 r. = 10 10 cm

Description of work:

1. For the back, front and both sleeves, cast on stitches on knitting needles. Use the open edge method. Next, knit openwork pattern A, with stockinette stitch on the sides, as shown in the diagram. Knit the sleeves in openwork pattern A. Based on diagrams 1-3, decrease the loops of the armhole, neckline, and sleeve caps, using the technique of decreasing loops with a slant to the right or left, depending on the side. Increases for expanding the side parts of the bodice, as well as expanding the main sleeve fabric, are made by adding loops from the broach.

knitting pattern
knitting pattern

2. To decorate the bottom edge of the product, as well as the sleeve cuffs, cast on loops along the edge of the main fabric of the corresponding parts, unraveling the auxiliary thread. Knit openwork pattern B, close off the stitches at the end, alternating knit and purl stitches.

knitting pattern

3. Sew shoulder seams using the three-needle method. Connect the side seams and sleeve seams using a needle.

4. Cast on stitches along the edge of the neckline, knit in the round with openwork pattern C, adjusting the knitting density, close the loops in the circle, leaving an elastic edge.

5. Attach the sleeve to the armhole using a hook.

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