Asymmetrical jacket with an original front.
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Asymmetrical jacket with an original front.

knitted jacket

What attracts our attention to knitted products? It can be a beautiful color of yarn or its texture, fascinating patterns or their interesting combination, original design solutions. In this model, we can assume that everything coincides.

Here is the current yellow color of the season, a balanced combination of patterns, and an extraordinary solution to the cut itself. It looks fresh, youthful and not hackneyed. The jacket is knitted from merino wool with a thread thickness of 105m/50g, knitting needles 4.5-5 and 5-5.5.

The description is given for sizes 34-38(40-42).


But, if necessary, you can knit a jacket for a larger size, calculating your density.

The knitting density on knitting needles is 5-5.5 elastic in the loose state 27p.×28r.= 10cm×10cm, fancy pattern 22p.×23r.=10cm×10cm.

knitted cardigan


According to the pattern diagram back and left shelf knit together.

Starting from the right edge, cast on 82 stitches on needles 4.5-5 and knit one purl row. Starting from the 2nd row, knit 2x2 rib, starting and ending with two purls. Switch to knitting needles 5-5.5. At a height of 4 cm along the right edge in the purl row, cast on 52 loops to create an armhole. There are 134 stitches on the knitting needles in total.

At a height of 40 (49) cm for the armholes in the purl row from the right edge, bind off 52 loops. Knit 4 cm and again cast on 52 loops = 134 sts. for knitting the left part of the shelf.

At a height of 64 (76) cm, using knitting needles 4.5-5 on the front side, knit one row with facial loops, while evenly removing 26 loops, knitting two purl loops together with the front one. On the remaining stitches, knit one purl row. Then close all the loops.

Right front part.

Cast on 79(97) stitches on 5-5.5 knitting needles, purl 1 row and 1 row with 1×1 rib. Then move on to knitting a fantasy pattern. The number of reports is respectively 4(5). At a height of 48.5 cm, close the loops.

knitting pattern
knitted jacket


On knitting needles 5-5.5 cast on 68(76) stitches, knit with 2×2 rib, and start the row: edge, purl 1, knit 2. And also finish the row. For sleeve bevels on both sides after 32 rows, add 1×1p. Then in every tenth row 7 × 1 p. = 84 (94) p.

At a height of 40cm for the sleeve roll, close 1x3p on both sides, then in every second row 20x1p. At a height of 55cm, close off the remaining loops.


Sew shoulder seams. Sew the left side edge of the right front. Then sew on the sleeves. From the inside along the upper edge of the jacket, cast on 180 stitches on 4.5-5 mm needles and knit with an elastic band, starting and ending after the edge with two purl loops. At a height of 8cm, close the loops, knitting purlwise. Turn the neck strap outwards. Sew up the sides of the strip. Place the strip of the right part of the front over the left part (approximately 15cm) and secure it to the side of the strip with several stitches.

knitted cardigan

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