Beige sweater with large aran pattern.
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Beige sweater with large aran pattern.

knitted pullover

A sweater made of merino and alpaca wool impresses with luxurious “braids”, which look especially good against the background of a simple pearl pattern

Dimensions: 34/36 (38/40) 42/44.


You will need: yarn (70% merino wool, 30% alpaca: 90 m/50 g) - 750 (800) 850 g beige; knitting needles No. 5.5; circular knitting needles No. 5.5.


Pattern 1: big pearl pattern = rows in forward and reverse direction (odd number of loops). Front rows: edge, alternately 1 front, 1 purl, 1 front, edge. With an even number of loops, the last knit stitch is missing. Purl rows: knit loops according to the pattern. Loops after every 2nd row (= in each front row) shift by 1 loop.

Pattern 2: stockinette stitch = front rows - front loops, purl rows - purl loops.

Pattern 3: aran pattern (78 stitches) = knit acc. scheme. It shows facial rows. In the purl rows, knit the loops according to the pattern, knit the yarn overs purl, knit crossed ones with purl crossed ones. Constantly repeat the rows given in height. Pattern 4: Collar pattern = circular rows (even number of stitches). 1st and 2nd round rows: alternately knit 1. Purl 1. After every 2nd round row, shift the loops by 1 loop.

knitting pattern

Knitting density: pattern 1 - 18 p. x 22.5 r. = 10 x 10 cm; pattern 3 on average - 21 p. x 22.5 r. = 10 x 10 cm; 78 p. = width 37 cm. Attention: due to different patterns on the front and back, the number of loops is different.

knitted pullover

Description of knitting

Back: cast on 91 (99) 107 stitches and knit with pattern 1; knit the edges like a knotted edge (= knit in each row). After 62 cm = 140 rows from the initial row, close all the loops, with the middle 27 (29) 31 sts forming the neck, the outer 32 (35) 38 sts forming the shoulders.

Before: start knitting like a back, but after 4.5 cm = 10 rows from the initial row, continue working on the middle 67 stitches with pattern 2, on both sides continue working on the remaining 11 (15) 19 stitches with pattern 1, starting and ending with 1 edge In the 12th row from the starting row, inside the loops of pattern 2, to balance the pattern, evenly distributing, add 11 stitches = 102 (110) 118 stitches. After 5.5 cm = 12 rows from the starting row, continue working on the middle 78 stitches with the pattern 3, on both sides, continue working on the remaining 12 (16) 20 stitches with pattern 1, including the edge stitches. After 57 cm = 128 rows from the initial row, close off the middle 18 (20) 22 stitches for the neckline and finish both sides separately. To round along the inner edge, bind off in every 2nd row 1 x 3 sts, 1 x 2 sts and 2 x 1 sts. At the height of the back, bind off the remaining 35 (38) 41 sts of the shoulders.

Sleeves: cast on 34 (40) 46 stitches on the knitting needles for each sleeve and knit with pattern 1. After 5.5 cm = 12 rows from the initial row, add 1 x 1 sts to bevel the sleeves on both sides... then in every 6th row 12× 1 p. acc. pattern = 60 (66) 72 p. After 42.5 cm = 96 rows from the initial row, close all loops.

Assembly: sew shoulder seams. For the collar, cast on 80 (84) 88 stitches on circular needles along the edge of the neckline and knit 15 cm = 34 circular rows with pattern 4. Then bind off all stitches as if they were knit stitches. Sew sleeves according to size on the pattern. Sew sleeve seams and side seams, leaving the bottom 15 cm of side seams open for cutting.

knitting pattern

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