Knitted dress – “Peacock Feather”
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Knitted dress – “Peacock Feather”

Dress Knitted Peacock Feather

Knitted dress, handmade, based on the “Peacock Feather” stole. The dress is knitted from Italian Sumatra silk 3000m/100g.

  • In 4 folds – 750m/100g.
  • Addi knitting needles 1.75; 2.0; 2.5.
  • Yarn consumption 320g

Weight including lining 520g

Stole Peacock feather.

Getting started - a 1x1 ribbed waistband on 1.75mm knitting needles. round            

Next, we knit the front and back from the waist up in the round according to pattern 1 using 2.0mm knitting needles.

We knit the armholes and neckline of the front and back separately.

We process the neckline with i-cord and a chain of air loops with beads.

The skirt of the dress is knitted from the waist down according to the following patterns 6-9. To calculate the loops, we take into account the multiple of 12 loops and an even number of repeats / pattern 9 - 24 loops / Knitting needles 2.0 mm and then 2.5 mm             

According to scheme 6 and 7

knitting pattern

Diagram 8 is larger

Scheme 9 The last row is closed with crocheted arches of air loops with beads.

Sewn-in sleeves are knitted in the same way. Elastic 1x1 in a circle and the head of the sleeve up according to pattern 1. From the elastic downwards, we knit the sleeve according to patterns 6-9. We take into account the multiplicity in the pattern of 9 - 24 loops.

Stole pattern – Peacock feather

A knitted lining, several shades darker, is sewn along the edge of the neckline. At the waist line, the lining is fixed with beads, which are sewn along the back rows. The dress and lining are without a zipper, as the knitted silk fabric is very elastic.

Thank you for watching.

You can find a knitted dress and my other works here. More patterns and descriptions of the stole can be found in the Collection of patterns and patterns.

knitted dress

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  1. Dinara

    The most gorgeous dress! Simply indescribable beauty! Thank you very much for the description.

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    The most gorgeous dress (and all other products as well) on the most charming woman. Thank you for your time spent for us. We know and appreciate your work.

  3. Valentina

    Great job! Thanks for the beauty.!

  4. Elena

    Gorgeous woman in a gorgeous dress!!!!! Amazing work!!!

  5. Lily

    You are a real artist. Continued success and inspiration in the new year! Thank you!

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