Women's knitted pullover with a wavy pattern
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Women's knitted pullover with a wavy pattern

knitted pullover

Women's pullover knitted with a wavy pattern. This model is interesting not only for its cut, but also for its decorative wavy pattern from a distance reminiscent of latticework and forged architectural patterns.

Dimensions: 36/38 (40/42)

Russian sizes: 42/44 (46/48)


You will need: 400 (450) g camel/yellow/gold Lana Grossa “Nizza” (74% cotton, 25% polyester, 1% metallic polyester, 115m/50g); straight knitting needles No. 3.5 and 4.5; circular knitting needles No. 4.5, length 60 cm.


Knotted edge: Slip the first stitch of each row as a knit stitch, knit the last stitch of each row. The edges of all parts should be made with a knotted edge.

Facial surface: front rows - front loops, purl rows - purl loops.

Wavy Pattern: knit according to the pattern. The numbers on the right outer edge indicate the front rows, and the numbers on the left outer edge indicate the back rows. In width, start after chrome. from 9 (12) sts before the 1st arrow, repeat 20 sts of rapport between the arrows, finish 17 (20) sts after the 2nd arrow and edge. Perform rows 1–12 in height once, then repeat these 12 rows.

knitting pattern

Knitting density.
Wavy pattern, knitting needles No. 4.5: 18.5 sts and 38 r. = 10 x 10 cm.
Stockinette stitch, knitting needles No. 4.5: 22 sts and 30 r. = 10 x 10 cm.


Back: on knitting needles No. 3.5, cast on 108 (114) sts and knit for a double strap 2.5 cm = 8 r. stitch stitch, start with 1 purl row with purl loops, 1 purl row with knit stitches for the fold line, then again 2.5 cm = 8 r. facial stitch. Next, knit with needles No. 4.5 in a wavy pattern, distributing the loops as indicated. For bevels, add 1 p. on both sides in the 21st row from the bar, then in every 20th row another 2 x 1 p. = 114 (120) p. Include the added loops on both sides in a wavy pattern according to the figure.

After 20 (22) cm = 76 (84) r. From the bar, mark the beginning of the armholes on both sides and continue knitting straight.

After 14 (15) cm = 54 (58) r. from the beginning of the armhole, close on both sides for shoulder bevels 2 (3) p., then in every 2nd row another 18 x 2 p. (2 x 3 p. and 16 x 2 p.). In the next row, bind off the remaining 38 stitches for the neckline.

Before: knit like a back.

Sleeves: sew the shoulder seams first. Knit from top to bottom in the direction of the arrow. On circular needles No. 4.5, cast on 32 (34) sts between the marks on both sides of the shoulder seam = 64 (68) sts. Then knit in stockinette stitch, starting from purl 1 row. For bevels, decrease on both sides in every 6th row 7 x 1 p. = 50 (54) p.

After 17.5 cm = 53 r. From the beginning of the sleeve, make marks on both sides and continue knitting for the placket using knitting needles No. 3.5 in stockinette stitch.

At a bar height of 2 cm = 5 rubles. knit 1 purl row for the fold line with knit stitches, then for the lapel 2 cm = 5 r. facial stitch. Close the loops.

Assembly: sew sleeve seams and side seams. Turn all the strips inward and sew them with overcast stitches.

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