Blue jumper with braided yoke
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Blue jumper with braided yoke

knitted pullover

From a distance, the first thing that catches your eye is the round yoke with wide “braids.” Upon closer inspection, you notice the fluffy melange yarn in gray-blue tones

Dimensions: S (M) L (XL)

You will need: yarn 1 (60% alpaca wool, 30% sheep wool, 10% silk; 50 g/167 m) - 6 (6) 7 (7) skeins of light gray and 6 (6) 7 (7) skeins of blue; yarn 2 (70% mohair, 30% polyamide; 25 g/237 m) - 4 (4) 5 (5) skeins of grayish-white; circular knitting needles No. 5, 60 cm long; stocking needles No. 5.

Facial surface. Front rows - front loops, purl rows - purl loops.

Pattern from "Braids". Knit according to the pattern.

knitting pattern

Knitting density: 16 p. x 20 r. = 10 x 10 cm, knitted in 3 strands (2 strands of yarn 1 + 1 strand of yarn 2) on needles No. 5.

knitted pullover

Description of knitting

Back/front: knit from the bottom edge. On circular knitting needles No. 5 in 3 threads - 2 strands of yarn 1 (1 strand of each color) + 1 strand of yarn 2 - cast on 152 (164) 176 (188) sts and knit in rows in forward and reverse directions 5 r. facial Continue working in the circle using stockinette stitch. Knit straight until the length of the product is 40 (42) 45 (47) cm. Attach a contrasting thread at the beginning of the circular row, and also, counting half the loops, mark the middle. In the next row, bind off the stitches for the armholes = 5 sts before and after each of the 2 contrasting threads and finish both sides (= front and back) separately.

The front and back are knitted the same way. Start raglan bevels on both sides: knit 2, knit 2 sts together, knit until the last 4 sts on a knitting needle, slip 1 st, knit the next stitch and pull the slipped loop through the knitted one, knit 2. Repeat these decreases every 2nd r. - complete 5 (6) 6 (7) times in total. Transfer the loops to the auxiliary thread and finish the second side.

Sleeves: on circular knitting needles No. 5 in 3 threads (see back/front), cast on 56 (56) 58 (58) sts and knit 5 rows in forward and reverse directions. facial Then distribute the stitches onto 4 double needles and continue working in the round with stockinette stitch. When the length of the part is 7 (8) 8 (9) cm, add 1 stitch at the beginning and end of the row. Repeat these increases every 6th row. - complete 9 (10) 11 (12) times in total. Next, knit straight until the length of the piece is 35 (36) 36 (37) cm. In the next row, cast off the first and last 5 sts. Perform raglan decreases in the same way as described for the back/front. Transfer the loops to the auxiliary thread and knit the second sleeve.

Yoke: transfer the loops of all parts onto circular knitting needles No. 5 in the following. sequence: 1st sleeve, front, 2nd sleeve, back = on knitting needles 220 (228) 248 (256) p. Knit in the round: 1 p. facial, 1 rub. purl, 1 p. knit stitches (reduce stitches evenly - up to 195 (210) 225 (240) sts), 1 p. purl. Next, knit with a “braid” pattern, making decreases, according to the pattern = 143 (154) 165 (176) sts. Then knit 1 more p. knit stitches, with the middle 2 sts of each “braid” knit together knit = 130 (140) 150 (160) sts. Knit 1 r. purl, then 1 r. knit stitches (at the same time, evenly reduce the loops to 100 (110) 120 (130) sts) and 1 p. purl. Close the loops with purl.

Assembly: Fasten the ends of the threads. Sew the seams of the straps, raglan seams, and sew the sleeves into the armholes in the lower areas. Lightly steam the product.

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