Mustard-colored jumper with a round yoke
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Mustard-colored jumper with a round yoke

knitted pullover

The charming model with rays of braids has a loose fit and will take its rightful place among your favorite things. 

Braids from removed loops alternate with sections of stockinette stitch, within which additions are made. A wonderful, sunny model made of yarn in rich colors will undoubtedly decorate your wardrobe and become a universal model for every day. 

Dimensions: S/M (L/XL), in the photo the pullover is in size L/XL.


You will need Lamana “Como Tweed” yarn (100% superfine merino wool; 120 m/25 g), CARRY color thread (081) 11/12 skeins of 25 g; Lamana “Premia” yarn (60% superkid mohair, 40% silk; 300 m/25 g) mustard thread (67) skeins 5/5, 25 g; circular needles No. 4, short circular needles No. 4 40 cm long; stocking needles No. 4; auxiliary knitting needle (for a braid pattern); 2 markers; tapestry needle.

Knitting density 22 sts x 31 circles. row = 10 x 10 cm, knitted in 2 strands (1 strand each of Lamana “Como Tweed” and Lamana “Premia” yarn) with a “large” “Braid” pattern (i.e. the distance between the “braids” should be 16 stitches.) on knitting needles No. 4 (to obtain the specified knitting density, you should, if necessary, select the thickness of the knitting needles).


Cross 3 sts to the right: remove 2 sts as auxiliary. knitting needle at work, knit 1, then both loops with aux. knit the knitting needles.

Cross 3 sts to the left: remove 1 st as an auxiliary stitch. knitting needle before work, k2, then 1 p. with aux. knit knitting needles.


Pattern for the strap

Pattern with “braids” and removed loops (1 repeat = 7 stitches x 4 round rows)

1st and 2nd circle. rows: *2 knits, 2 sts, remove one after another, as in purl knitting (thread at work), 3 knits*; from * to * repeat constantly.

3rd circle. row: *3p. cross to the right, 3p. cross to the left, knit 1 *, repeat from * to *.

4th circle. row: knit all stitches.

From the 1st to the 4th circle. repeat the rows constantly.

Basic pattern

Expanding Braids pattern (see instructions).

knitting pattern

Increase 1

Adding a loop with a left lift after the “Braid” pattern: insert the left knitting needle from behind the left wall of the front loop, which is on the right knitting needle for the 2nd round. row below the loop you just knitted, pick up a new loop on the left needle and knit it.

Increase 2

Adding a loop with a right lift before the “Braid” pattern: insert the right knitting needle from behind the right wall of the front loop, which is located on the left knitting needle for 1 round. row below the next (one that still needs to be knitted) knit stitch, lift this new loop onto the left knitting needle and knit it with a knit stitch.

knitted pullover

The pullover is knitted in 2 strands (1 strand each of Lamana “Como Tweed” and Lamana “Premia” yarn) from top to bottom, starting from the neckline. At the same time, the distance between the “braids” gradually increases due to increments.

On circular needles No. 4, cast on 112 sts, close the loops in a ring (pre-attach the marker for the beginning of the round row) and knit 1 round. row of facial ones.

Then distribute the loops according to pattern for the bar (= 16 repeats in a circle row) and perform 23 circles. rows with a pattern for the plank (= 5 full repeats in height, and then 1 more time 1-3rd circle. rows with a pattern).

Next round. row, perform increases for the yoke as follows: *Knit 7, 1 x Increase 1*, from * to *repeat until the end of the circle. row (= increase 16 p., between the “braids” there are now 2 knits. = 128 p.).

In this way, knit 2 more repeats (= 8 round rows), with the 8th round. row, add loops as follows: * K7, Inc 1, Inc 2, K1. *, repeat from * to * (= increase 32 p., between the “braids” there are now 4 persons each = 160 p.).

Now in every 8th circle, row (= last circle. row of every 2nd rapport) before and after the “braids”, perform another 6 (7) times 1 increase (as described above), added loops in the next circle, rows knit constantly.

In every circle. row in which increases are made (= increase 32 p.), after completing the last round. row with increases on knitting needles = 352 (384) sts. interval between “braids” = 16 (18) knits. Perform 2 more rapports in height (= a total of 22 (24) “braids”) and in the 4th circle. In the row of the last repeat, divide the work into the front, back and sleeves as follows: the marker is the beginning of the circle. shift the row by 8 (9) stitches to the right so that it is between the two middle loops of the front stitch of the previous stripe of the pattern, then set aside 66 (72) stitches (= 3 stripes of the pattern) for the first sleeve (= 8 (9) stitches. , *1 “braid”, 16 (18) knits. *, at the end, perform 1 “braid”, 8 (9) knits.), for the lower part of the armhole, additionally dial on 22 (24) sts, then the next 110 (120) p. (= 5 stripes of pattern) continue knitting for the front with the main pattern without increases, starting and ending with 8 (9) knits., 66 (72) p. set aside for the 2nd sleeve, for the lower part of the armhole, additionally cast on 22 (24) p., the next 110 (120) p. continue to knit for the back with the main pattern without increases, starting and ending with 8 (9) knits., and close the work again in a ring = 264 (288) p. (= for front and back only 12 stripes of the pattern in 24) 22 (24) sts at the bottom of the armhole, starting from the next circle. row, sequentially include in the pattern: knit 8 (9) knits, 6 stitches “braids”, 8 (9) knits and perform another 18 (20) repeats in height (= 23 (26) cm).

In the last round of the 18th (20th) rapport, reduce the number of knit stitches between the braids from 16 (18) to 15 stitches and the remaining 252 stitches in the next round. distribute the planks in a row for subsequent execution of the pattern so that the existing “braids” continue and there are 2 other “braids” between them.

Perform 6 more repeats in height (= 24 round rows) and in the next round. knit all the stitches in the row.

knitted pullover


Transfer 66 (72) sts of the 1st sleeve to short circular needles No. 4, cast on 22 (24) sts along the edge of the lower part of the armhole (= 88 (96) sts), close the work in a ring, while marking the beginning circle. row in the middle of the newly cast on loops, attach a marker and continue knitting with the “Braid” pattern according to the meaning, i.e., the middle 6 sts of 22 (24) newly cast on loops are again performed as a “braid” strip (the sleeve contains only 4 “braid” stripes ").


In the last circle. Row 2 (3rd) repeat, make sleeve bevels as follows: knit the first 2 stitches after the newly formed strip of the “Braid” pattern in the lower part of the armhole together with the front one crossed, knit the last 2 stitches before this new stripe of the pattern together with the front one.

Circle. Perform decreasing rows a total of 8 (10) times every 16 rounds. rows, or 4 repeats in height (every 12 round rows, or 3 repeats in height) (minus 16 (20) p. = 72 (76) p.).

Knit 1 more rapport in height, in the last circle. For the row of this repeat in height, reduce the number of loops of 2 middle (wider) stripes of the front loops of the sleeve from 16 (18) to 8 sts.

Next round. Distribute the remaining 56 stitches in the row according to the pattern for the bar so that the existing stripes of “braids” continue, and between them there is another “braid”. Using the pattern for the bar, make 6 more repeats and a height, in the last circle. knit all the stitches in the row.

Knit the second sleeve in the same way.

knitted pullover


Fasten the thread. Allow the pullover to dry under a damp cloth or gently steam it.

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