Jacket with jacquard yoke
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Jacket with jacquard yoke

knitted jacket

Fans of elegant classics will enjoy natural colors and a characteristic pattern of star motifs. However, such a Scandinavian-style jacket will ideally complement any fashionable wardrobe.

Dimensions: 36 (38/40 – 40/42 – 44/46)

You will need

Yarn (100% alpaca wool; 150 m/50 g) – approx. 300 (350-350-400) g brown melange, 50 (50-100-100) g white, 50 g each dark brown melange and gray-beige melange.

Circular knitting needles No. 2.5 and 3, lengths 80, 60 and 40 cm; stocking needles No. 2,5 and 3.

9 silver decorative buttons with a diameter of 20 mm.

Rubber: alternately knit 1, purl 1.

Jacquard pattern A: knit according to pattern A using the jacquard technique using stockinette stitch in the round. Repeat rapport widthwise = 4 sts, ending 1 st after the left arrow. In height from 1st to 10th r. perform 1 time.

Jacquard pattern B: knit according to pattern B using the jacquard technique using stockinette stitch in the round. Repeat rapport widthwise = 18 sts between arrows, decreasing as shown. Finish 1 p. after the left arrow. In height from 1st to 66th river. perform 1 time.

knitting pattern

Knitting density: 23 p. x 31 r. = 10 x 10 cm, knitted in stockinette stitch using needles No. 3.

Description of knitting

knitted jacket

Back and front: On long circular needles No. 2.5, cast on 225 (241-257-273) sts with brown thread and knit in rows in forward and reverse directions 7 cm = 26 r. with an elastic band. Then switch to long circular needles No. 3 and continue working as follows: 1 r. knit faces. stitch, at the end of the row, cast on new 5 stitches for the allowance, mark the first and last loops of the allowance = 230 (246-262-278) stitches. Close the row in a ring and knit in the round 10 r. jacquard pattern A. Continue work. satin stitch with brown thread.

After 30 cm = 92 r. from the beginning of persons. Apply decreases for the armholes as follows: start from the middle of the front and knit the stitches. stitch 51 (55-59-63) stitches for front, bind off 12 stitches for armhole, knit 103 (111-119-127) stitches for back, bind off 12 stitches for second armhole, knit 52 (56-60-64) n. front Then leave the loops temporarily.

Sleeves: On stocking needles No. 2.5, cast on 56 (56-60-60) sts with brown thread, distribute them evenly on 4 knitting needles and knit in a circle 7 cm = 26 r. with an elastic band. Then switch to stocking needles No. 3, knit 1 r. persons stitch, while evenly adding 5 (7-5-7) sts = 61 (63-65-67) sts. Mark the beginning of the row and perform 10 r. jacquard pattern A. Continue the work. satin stitch with brown thread. After 2 r. after the last change of pattern, add 1 stitch on both sides of the mark (= beginning of the row) = knit 1 stitch from the broaches. crossed loop, then add another 10 (13-16-19) times in every 10 (8-6-6) r. 1 p. = 83 (91-99-107) p. After 42 cm » 130 r. from changing the pattern, close the first and last 6 stitches of the row, leave the remaining 71 (79-87-95) stitches temporarily.

Round yoke: transfer the remaining loops of all parts to long circular needles No. 3 in the following order: 51 (55-59-63) front sts, 71 (79-87-95) sleeve sts, 103 (111-119-127) back sts , 71 (79-87-95) sts of the second sleeve, 52 (56-60-64) sts of the front - 348 (380-412-444) sts. Knit 1 r in the round on all stitches. persons satin stitch with brown thread, while evenly decreasing 5 (1-15-11) sts = 343 (379-397-433) sts. Then knit a yoke in the round according to pattern B: in the 1st r. rapport between arrows = 18 sts. repeat 19 (21-22-24) times, finish 1 st after the left arrow. If necessary, for the convenience of knitting, switch to shorter circular knitting needles No. 3. After 66 r. jacquard pattern Temporarily leave in the remaining 153 (169-177-193) stitches. 

knitted jacket

Assembly: along the seam allowances (see gray areas in the diagram) with a large stitch along the line. Then cut the allowance between the two middle loops, turn it halfway and sew it with a goat seam or over the edge. For the fastener straps, cast on 155 stitches along the front edge of the left flange on circular needles No. 2.5; to do this, turn the seam allowance to the front. side of the shelf and pick up every 3rd stitch of the allowance onto a knitting needle.

For the bar, knit 7 r. with an elastic band, then bind off all the loops. Knit the right fastener bar in the same way, but in the 4th row. make 8 holes for buttons: place the top hole at a distance of 14 sts from the top edge (= close 3 sts, cast on new loops in the next row); for the bottom hole, close from the 7th to 9th stitches from the bottom edge; Place the remaining holes between them at equal intervals.

For the binding, cast on with brown thread on shorter circular needles No. 2.5 along the short sides of the fastener straps, 7 sts each, leaving 153 (169-177-193) sts of the round yoke to knit knit. stitch, at the same time evenly decrease 16 (24-24-32) sts and knit with an elastic band on all 151 (159-167-175) sts. At 4 p.m. At the first end of the binding, make another hole for the button, closing from the 4th to the 6th p. After the 7th r. Rubber bands close all loops. Sew the sleeves into the armholes on the lower sections. Sew buttons.

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