Cardigan with multi-colored pattern
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Cardigan with multi-colored pattern

knitted cardigan

A cardigan with a button closure and convenient pockets is a completely versatile item for every day.

Dimensions: 42/44 (46/48) 50/52


You will need: yarn (78% sheep wool, 12% Kashmir wool, 10% polyester; 110 m/50 g) – 250 (300) 350 g gray and 150 (200) 250 g each black, blue and white; knitting needles No. 6.5 and 7; circular knitting needles No. 6.5; loop pin; 6 buttons.

Garter stitch (needle size 6.5): knit front and back rows.

Stockinette stitch (needle size 7): front rows - front loops, purl rows - purl loops.

Multicolor Patent Pattern (Size 7 Needles): knit with circular knitting needles in rows in forward and reverse directions. The number of loops is a multiple of 3 + 1 + 2 edge loops. Knit according to the pattern. It contains front and back rows. Start with the edge and loop before the repeat, repeat the repeat constantly and finish with the edge.

From the 1st to the 10th row, knit 1 time. then repeat rows 3-10 constantly, while following the color markings.

Attention: only every 2nd row is visible on the knitted fabric.

knitting pattern

Knitting density: multicolor patent pattern – 14.5 p. x 28 r. = 10 x 10 cm; garter stitch – 7 r. = 2.5 cm.

Back: With a gray thread, cast on 74 (79) 84 sts on the knitting needles and knit for a bar of 2.5 cm = 7 r. in garter stitch, starting from the 1st purl row, and in the last row evenly add 4 (5) 6 sts = 78 (84) 90 sts.

Then knit with a multi-color patent pattern.

For armholes through 48.5 cm = 136 RUR. (46.5 cm = 130 rub.) 46.5 cm = 130 rub. close 1 x 6 p. from the bar on both sides = 66 (72) 78 p.

For shoulder bevels after 66.5 cm = 186 r. (66.5 cm = 186 rub.) 68.5 cm = 192 rub. from the bar on both sides close 1 x 4 (4) 6 p. and in every 2nd p. close 3 times 4 (5) 5 p.

Close the remaining 34 (34) 36 p. after 69.5 cm = 194 r. (69.5 cm = 194 rub.) 71.5 cm = 200 rub. from the bar.

The middle 26 sts form the neckline, the outer 4 (4) 5 sts belong to the shoulders.

Left shelf: With a gray thread, cast on 36 (38) 40 sts on the knitting needles and knit for a bar of 2.5 cm = 7 r. garter stitch, while in the last row evenly add 3 (4) 5 sts = 39 (42) 45 sts. Next knit with a multi-color patent pattern.

After 16.5 cm = 46 r. from the placket for the pocket opening, knit as follows: knit 8 sts, remove 20 sts with a pin, knit 11 (14) 17 sts. Then set the piece aside and first knit the pocket burlap. To do this, cast on 20 stitches with gray thread and knit 12 cm in stockinette stitch.

Instead of the deferred stitches, use the burlap pocket stitches and continue knitting with a multi-color patent pattern on all stitches. Make the armhole and shoulder bevel from the right edge, as on the back.

For the neck after 63 cm = 176 rubles. (63 cm = 176 rub.) 65 cm = 182 rub. from the bar on the left edge close 1 x 6 sts, then in every 2nd p. bind off 1 x 3 sts, 1 x 2 sts and 2 times 1 st. At the height of the back, close off the remaining 4 (4) 5 sts of the shoulder.

Right shelf: knit like the left front, but in a mirror image.

knitted cardigan

Sleeves: With gray thread, cast on 33 stitches for each sleeve and knit for a 2.5 cm strap = 7 r. garter stitch, while in the last row add 3 sts = 36 sts.

Next, knit the cardigan with a multi-color patent pattern.

To bevel the sleeves from the placket on both sides, add 9 times according to the pattern in every 12th r. (8 times in every 10th r. and 4 times in every 8th r.) 9 times in every 8th r. and 6 times every 6th r. 1 p. = 54 (60) 66 p.

After 47 cm = 132 rub. (47 cm = 132 rub.) 45 cm = 126 rub. From the bar, close all the loops according to the drawing.

Assembly: on the set aside 20 loops of the pocket slits with gray thread, knit 2 cm = 6 r. garter stitch, then knit all stitches. Sew the narrow sides of the placket and the pocket burlap. Sew shoulder seams.

For the neckline, cast on the needles along the right front edge of the neckline 19 sts, along the edge of the back neckline 31 sts and along the left front edge of the neckline 19 sts = 69 sts. Knit 3 cm = 8 r. garter stitch, then knit all stitches.

For fastening strips along the straight edges of the shelves, including the narrow sides of the neck binding, cast on 95 sts on knitting needles and knit in garter stitch, while on the strap of the right front in the 3rd row. = purl R. make holes for buttons. To do this, knit 2 sts, * close 2 sts, knit 10, repeat from * 4 more times, close 2 sts and knit the remaining loops.

Cast on the closed loops in the next row again.

At a bar height of 2.5 cm = 7 rubles. Close off all stitches with knit stitches.

Sew buttons.

Sew in the sleeves, adjusting them slightly if necessary. Sew side seams and sleeve seams.

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