Beautiful knitted jumper
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Beautiful knitted jumper

knitted pullover

Beautiful knitted jumper for slender and curvy girls (description up to size 60)

This cute jumper is knitted in two patterns: the bottom is striped and the top is – openwork. This combination of patterns allows you to hide some figure flaws. Therefore, this jumper is perfect for women and girls with a wide variety of shapes..

The description is given for Russian sizes: 48/50 (52/54) 58/60.

You will need:

Yarn – (100% silk; 165 m/50 g) 500 (550) 600 g;

Circular knitting needles No. 3.


Purl stitch: front rows - purl loops, purl rows - front loops.
Striped pattern to knit according to the scheme:

knitting patterns

The diagram shows only the front rows; in the purl rows, knit the loops according to the pattern, knit the yarn overs purl.

Repeat repeat of 20 loops and from 1st to 4th rows.

Openwork pattern to knit according to the same scheme, just repeat the repeat of 20 loops and from the 5th to the 28th rows.

Sequence of alternating patterns: 116 rub. striped pattern, knit the remaining rows with an openwork pattern.

Knitting density: 25 p. x 33 r. = 10 x 10 cm.



Description of work:

On the knitting needles cast on 146 (158) 178 sts + 2 edges. p. and knit in the indicated sequences, while the patterns begin from the arrow A (B) B and additionally knit 1 (4) 4 stitches on both sides. purl stitch.
After 44 (44) 43 cm from the cast-on edge for the armholes, close on both sides 0 (10) 16 p.
After 63 cm from the cast-on edge for the neckline, close off the middle 26 (26) 32 stitches and finish both sides separately. To round it, close the inner edge on both sides of the cutout in every 2nd r. 1 time for 5 points, 1 time for 3 points, 1 time for 2 points, 2 times for 1 point and at a height of 70 cm close the remaining loops.

knitted pullover

Knit the same as before, but with a deeper neckline. To do this, after 68 cm from the cast-on edge, close off the middle 38 (38) 44 stitches and close off the inner edge on both sides of the neckline in every 2nd row. 1 time for 4 points and 1 time for 2 points.

On the knitting needles cast on 56 stitches + 2 edges. p. and knit striped pattern. For bevels, add sleeves on both sides every 4th r. 31 (31) 28 times 1 p. and in every 2nd p. 6 (6) 12 times 1 p., including added loops to the pattern.
At a height of 42 (46) 48.5 cm, close all loops.

knitted pullover

Sew shoulder seams. At the neckline, cast on the appropriate number of stitches, knit 1 round row with knit stitches crossed and then bind off the loops with knit stitches.
Fold the sleeves in half and sew in. Sew the remaining seams.
Crochet all edges in 1 round stitch. b/n and cloves (* 1 tbsp. b/n, 3 air. p., 1 tbsp. b/n in Art. b/n, skip 1 p. *, repeat from * before *).

See how this jumper will look in different colors.

knitted pullover

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