Men's lopapeysa
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Men's lopapeysa

knitted pullover

Men's lopapeysa model NOVITA/RONJO HOKOLEHTO.

Dimensions: S(M)L(XL)XXL(3XL)


You will need: 350(400)450(500)550(600) g linen, 150(150)200(200)200(250) g black, 50(50)50(50)50(50) g gray, circular knitting needles (40 and 80 cm) No. 3 and No. 3.5, toe knitting needles No. 3 and No. 3.5.
Elastic band 1×1: knit alternately 1 persons. p., 1 p. P.
Facial surface: front rows - front loops, purl rows - purl loops; When knitting in the round, all rows are knit stitches only.

Jacquard pattern: knit in stockinette stitch according to patterns 1 and 2 according to the instructions. When changing the color of the yarn, twist the threads on the wrong side so that there are no holes in the fabric.

knitting pattern
knitted pullover

Knitting density: 23 stitches x 32 rows in stockinette stitch on thicker needles = 10 x 10 cm.
Attention! The sweater is knitted in the round from the neckline downwards, ending with short seams under the arms.

Loosely cast on 110(110)116(116)118(120) sts with black yarn onto thinner circular needles for neckline.

Switch to thicker knitting needles and knit 2 rows in stockinette stitch. At the same time, in the first row, add 55(55)58(58)59(60) sts evenly: °knit 2 sts, add 1 st from the broach and knit it with a knit crossed loop0, repeat °-° until the end of the row = 165(165)174(174)177(180) p.

Knit 1 more row and evenly add 3(11)10(18)15(20) sts = 168(176)184(192)192(200) sts.

Next, knit the jacquard pattern according to pattern 1: repeat 4 stitches of repeat 42(44)46(48)48(50) times. Knit 10 rows.

Knit the 11th row with increases. 42(44)46(48)48(50) pips have been added to the row.” in work 210(220)230(240) 240(250) sts. Knit rows 12-20, repeating the repeat pattern of 5 sts.

Note. Change to longer circular needles as needed as the number of stitches increases. In the 21st row, increase again, 42 (44) 46 (48) 48 (50) p. were added in the row, in total 252 (264) 276 (288) 288 (300) p.

Knit rows 22-28, repeating the rapport of 6 sts.

Increase again in the 29th row, in the row you added 42(44)46(48) 48(50) sts, in the work 294(308) 322(336)336(350) sts. Knit rows 30-39, repeating repeat pattern of 7 p.

Increase in the 40th row, in work 336(352)368(384)384(400) sts. Knit rows 41-59, repeating the repeat pattern of 8 sts.

Next, knit in stockinette stitch with linen-colored thread, while in the first row decrease 0(2)0(2)0(0) sts = 336(350)368(382)384(400) sts.

When 19(20)21(22)21(22) cm are knitted after the yoke, divide the loops into four parts: 101(107)114(119)121(128) sts on the back, 67(68)70(72) 71(72) sts on the sleeve, 101(107)114(119)121(128) sts on the front, 67(68)70(72)71(72) sts on the other sleeve.

Continue knitting in stockinette stitch only on back stitches = 101(107)114(119)121(128) sts. Cast on at the end of every second row 2 times x 1 st, 1(1)1(1)2(2) times x 2 p. and 1 time x 3(3)3(3)4(4) p. = 115(121)128(133)141(148) p. Set aside the loops and knit the front loops in the same way = 115(121) 128(133)141(148) p.

Lower front and back:
knit 115(121)128(133) 141(148) sts for the back, cast on 5(11)12(15)19(20) new stitches for the armhole, knit 115(121)128 (133)141(148) sts. front, cast on 5(11)12(15)19(20) new stitches for armhole = 240(264)280 (296)320(336) sts.

Continue knitting in stockinette stitch in a circle of 34(35)36(38)39(41) cm with linen-colored yarn, then knit a jacquard pattern according to pattern 2 (repeat 8 repeat stitches 30(33)35(37)40(42) times.

Knit 12 rows of the pattern, then 3 rows in stockinette stitch with black yarn. Change the circular knitting needles to thinner ones and knit 4 cm of 1x1 elastic. Close the loops.

Sleeves: knit with larger sock needles in stockinette stitch for 67(68)70(72)71(72) sts.

On both sides at the end of each 2nd row, dial 2(2)2(2)3(3) times x 1 p., 1 time x 2 p. and 1 time x 3(3)3(3)4(4 ) p. = 81(82)84 (86)89(90) p.

Cast on another 7(10)12(14)17(20) sts under the arms = 88(92)96(100)106(110) sts, close in a circle.

Continue knitting in stockinette stitch in the round (= row change point is in the middle of the armpit). Having knitted 1 cm, start decreasing: knit 1 stitch at the beginning of the row, knit 2 stitches together, when 3 stitches remain on the knitting needles, pull through (= remove 1 stitch without knitting, knit 1 stitch and pull it through the removed one), k1. P.

Repeat decreases every 2(2)2(2)1(1) cm 7(12)18(11)1(3) times, then every 3(3)3(3)2(2) cm 8(5 )1(6)19(19) times = 56(56)56(64)64(64) p.

At a sleeve height of 40(41)41(42)42(43) cm, start knitting a jacquard pattern according to pattern 2 (= repeat 8 rapport stitches 7(7)7(8)8(8) times).

Knit 12 rows of the pattern, then 3 rows in stockinette stitch. In the last row, evenly decrease 4(2)0(8)6(4) sts = 52(54)56(56)58(60) sts.

Change the knitting needles to thinner ones and knit 4 cm of 1x1 elastic. Close the loops. Tie the second sleeve in the same way.

Assembly: sew seams under the arms. Lay the product on a flat surface, moisten it and let it dry.

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