Stripe to stripe - airy sweater
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Stripe to stripe - airy sweater

Knitting is not just an opportunity to purchase the right thing without unnecessary costs, but also to express your taste and individuality

 Knitted sweaters have remained relevant for centuries and can be used as outerwear or as additional insulation under a coat or fur coat.

knitted sweater

The sweater is knitted with stripes:

  • transparent stripes - 10 rows - kidmohair Camelot 1000m/100g. – in 1 thread;
  • dense stripes – 18 rows – bobbin wool 1600m/100g. trifold and original Jonker yarn with sequins, diameter 3mm.

Knitting needles 3.5mm.

Total consumption 373 g.

knitted sweater

All details are knitted separately according to the raglan pattern from bottom to top.

Transparent stripes – stockinette stitch – 10 rows.

Thick stripes - purl stitch - 18 rows.

knitted sweater

We knit the collar in the round from the open neck loops.

Several rows of garter stitch on 3.0mm needles.

Next, we knit strips according to the pattern, alternating transparent and dense.

We change the knitting needles to a larger number 3.0-3.5-4.0mm.

Gate height 22cm.

knitted sweater

We process the bottom of the sleeves and the entire product according to the scheme.


The harness can be replaced. There are a large number of motifs and patterns in the Piggy Bank.

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