Pullover Zenta
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Pullover Zenta

knitted pullover

Pullover Zenta

Dimensions 36-40, 42-46.

knitted pullover

Yarn 100% bamboo (viscose), 125 m / 50 g (500 g).
Knitting needles 3.5mm and 4mm, straight and circular.
Knitting density knitting needles No. 4 mm, 23 sts x 31 rows = 10 cm x 10 cm.
The basis of knitting is the stockinette stitch, 2x2 rib (2 knits and 2 ps) and a pattern according to the pattern.

The pattern that the craftsmen used to finish the jumper is a simple alternation of yarn overs and knit 3 stitches together.

knitting pattern

Small pattern in the bottom corner of the picture for knitting a pattern on the sleeves.

knitted pullover

Cast on 110 (122) sts with 3.5 needles and knit row 9 with 2x2 rib. Then switch to 4 mm knitting needles and knit in stockinette stitch 28 cm. Next, start knitting an openwork yoke. Knit according to the pattern. Add 1 st in the center = 111 (123) sts. Knit rows 1-24, then start decreasing for the neckline. Knit from rows 25 to 32 until the neckline decreases by 19 stitches on each side. Then knit the 33rd and 34th rows 1 time. For the straight part of the shoulder, knit from rows 1 to 8. At a height of 56 cm, bind off the remaining 35 (41) sts.

backrest knit as the front part. At a product height of 34 cm, start knitting an openwork neckline. Knit according to the pattern as before.

Cast on 46 stitches on needles size 3.5 mm and knit 8 cm with a 2x2 rib. Switch to 4 mm knitting needles. When switching to other knitting needles, evenly add loops = 90 sts. Knit in stockinette stitch. For side bevels on both sides, increase 20 more times by 1 stitch on both sides in every 6th row = 130 stitches. At the height of the knitted sleeve 38 (35) cm, add 1 p for symmetry of the pattern. Next we knit the trim. Knit according to the pattern (see above): chrome, 3 stitches, pattern repeat (4 stitches) repeat 31 times, 2 stitches after repeat, chrome. Knit 4 rapports in height. Rapport row 1-8. Close all loops for the sleeve.

Sew the details. For the neckline, cast on 132 sts and knit 2 p stitches. Bind off the stitches.

knitted pullover

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