Pullover with openwork pattern
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Pullover with openwork pattern

knitted pullover

This lovely model made of silver-gray yarn confidently declares: there is never too much lace!



Knitting needles No. 4; 8 (9:10) markers; tapestry needle.


21 p. x 32 r. = 10 x 10 cm, knitted with stockinette stitch.

To obtain the specified knitting density, you should, if necessary, select the thickness of the knitting needles.


Knit 2 stitches together with a tilt to the left

Remove 1 p., like a knit stitch, knit 1, then pull it through the removed loop.

Knit 3 stitches together to form a central loop

Remove 2 stitches together, as in stockinette knitting.

 K1, then pull it through both slip stitches.


Facial surface

Openwork pattern

Knit according to the pattern. The diagram shows only the front rows.

 In purl rows, purl all loops and yarn overs.

 1 rapport = 12 p. x 24 r.

knitting pattern

Double loop in short rows

Remove 1 stitch like a purl, while pulling the working thread back through the right needle and pulling tightly to form 2 stitches.

When knitting further, grab both loops and knit them as one loop according to. pattern.

knitted pullover



On the knitting needles, cast on 111 (123:135) sts and knit 4 rows. facial stitch.

In the next row (= front row) distribute the loops as follows: 13 initial stitches with an openwork pattern according to the diagram, 1 marker, repeat 7 (8:9) times for 12 stitches (for a better overview, attach 1 marker after each repeat), 14 final stitches with an openwork pattern according scheme. Knit 24 r. openwork pattern according to the diagram.

In the next row (= front row) distribute the loops as follows: knit 13 initial stitches according to pattern, 84 (96:108) stitches in stockinette stitch and remove all markers in this area.

7th day: 13 initial stitches, knit 2 stitches together (to equalize the number of loops, which increases due to the previously completed yarn over), 14 final stitches (at the beginning of the final loops, knit only 2 stitches together instead of 3 stitches). Following the given distribution of loops, perform a total of 96 (120: 120) r. [= 4 (5:5) x 24 rub. openwork pattern].

After this, knit with an openwork pattern on all loops according to. scheme and at the end of 24 r. set aside all loops.

knitted pullover


Start knitting like a back.

1-4th r.: knit in stockinette stitch.

Next, distribute the loops as on the back and knit with a pattern according to. scheme 24 r.

Then distribute the loops as on the back: continue knitting the first 13 sts and the last 14 sts with the pattern according to. pattern, 84 (96:108) stitches between them, knit in stockinette stitch.

 Knit in this way 83 (107:107) r., finish with the 11th r. (= front row) pattern [= 3.5 (4.5:4.5) repeat in height].

In the next row (= purl row) start knitting the neckline using shortened rows as follows: knit 19 (25:31) sts [= 14 sts in lace pattern + 5 (11:17) purl stitches], turn the work, perform a double loop and continue knitting as before [= 4 (10:16) knit, then on the last 14 sts continue knitting with an openwork pattern (13th row of the pattern)].

 In the next row (= purl row): 24 (30:36) sts. knit purlwise (knit a double loop like 1st purl), turn the work, perform a double loop, then agree. perform the front row of the pattern (= 15th row of the pattern).

 In the next 3 p. ranks knit purl as described below.

1st day: 29 (35:41) p.

2nd row: 34 (40:46) p.

3rd row: 39 (45:51) p.

Next, turn the work, perform a double loop and knit the front row according to. pattern. Next row (= purl row): knit according pattern.

Next row (= knit row): begin to form the other side of the neck in a mirror image to the already knitted side - 18 (24:30) sts. knit according to. pattern [= 13 initial stitches + 5 (11:17) stitches in stockinette stitch, while starting from the side edge from the 13th row. pattern], turn the work, perform a double loop and purl all the loops.

In the next 4 persons. ranks knit according pattern as described below.

1st day: 23 (29:35) p.

2nd row: 28 (34:40) p.

3rd row: 33 (39:45) p.

4th level: 38 (44:50) p.

Next, turn the work, perform a double loop, then purl all the loops.

After this, knit 2 more rows, while doing the 23rd and 24th rows on the sides. pattern, medium 84 (96:108) sts. knit in stockinette stitch.

Then distribute all 111 (123:135) stitches again according to the pattern diagram and knit 24 rows, then put all the loops aside.


Sleeves are knitted only with an openwork pattern and are the same for all sizes.

Cast on 51 stitches on the knitting needles and knit 2 rows. persons satin stitch

Then distribute the openwork pattern as follows:

13 initial sts, then knit rapport 2 times for 12 sts, then knit

final 14 p.

24 rub. repeat the pattern only 6 times, at the same time for the bevels of the sleeves, starting from the 9th row. 2nd pattern repeat (= knit row), add 1 stitch on both sides (after the 2nd stitch and before the penultimate stitch of the knit row, knit 1 knit stitch from the broach).

Then in every 6th r. on both sides add 17 x 1 p. as follows: knit the first and last 2 p. of each front row with stockinette stitch, make further increases after or before these 2 p., continue to knit with an openwork pattern, focusing from the center to the sides, while watching ensure that at the edges of the sleeve the number of loops of the openwork pattern is always constant (each yarn over must be balanced by a decrease, and instead of knitting 3 stitches together in the 7th and 19th rows, if this occurs according to the pattern directly along the edges of the sleeve, only 2 stitches should be knitted). After the last increase on the needles = 87 sts (= 7 full repeats).

After completing the 6th rapport in height (= 46 cm), in the next front row, close all the loops with knit stitches. Knit the second sleeve in the same way.


Connect the front and back shoulder loops as follows: from the outer edges to the middle of the work, knit together 30 (36:42) stitches of each shoulder, then close the middle 51 stitches of the front and back.

Sew side seams and sleeve seams, sew in sleeves.

 Fasten all the threads.

 Lightly stretch the pullover into shape, let it dry under a damp cloth, or gently steam it.

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